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Last Updated: Tuesday October 04 2005 07:30 GMT

I am a junior engineer of Britain


Over 75,000 children took part in the K'Nex Challenge - a competition where teams of two have to create a structure out of K'Nex.

Michael and his team-mate Ruairi won the overall competition and were crowned Junior Engineers of Britain.

In his report Michael tells us all about the event.

"My partner Ruairi and I won the regional and Scottish finals to get to the UK final of the K'Nex Challenge.

This was held at the Maritime Museum in London.

Here we were asked to build a space station.

It had to be meteor resistant with a shuttle dock, and have astronaut living quarters, labs and a radar to talk to Earth.


Michael [right] with team mate Ruairi and their space station
Michael [right] with team mate Ruairi and their space station
Our first idea didn't work so we had to start again, changing it to a pyramid shape.

There was a dinner that night and it was announced that we had won!

We were really surprised and we had to go on stage and get our prizes.

Our head teacher was screeching with excitement!

Pleased for us

We won lots of prizes including 1,000 for our school and 500 each.

I really enjoyed the K'Nex Challenge and our trip to London.

We are from a tiny school and everyone has been really pleased for us."

Michael, 9, South Lanarkshire

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