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Last Updated: Monday October 03 2005 07:47 GMT

I do school work in my pyjamas!


Ever wondered what it's like to not go to school and to be taught at home instead?

Press Packer Ceinwen is home-schooled and in her report she describes her routine and what she likes about it best.

"I don't go to school!

I am home educated and I have been for six years.

Four days

I really love being taught at home because I get to learn at my specific level.

For instance I am working towards my maths GCSE even though I am only 12.

At the moment I work four hours a day, four days a week.

Study room

I do all the usual subjects; maths, English, science, geography and history.

I learn from text books and also from the internet and CD-roms on my computer.

I have a study room with my desk, my workbooks and a computer.

Sometimes I do my schoolwork in my pyjamas!

Not lonely

As a home educated child I also get to go on lots of days out; I visit castles and I do history projects on them.

I am also an only child. You may think I get lonely but I have quite a few friends.

Some are home-educated, some are not.


Over the summer I joined a sports club in my town and I made loads of new friends.

My friends all think I'm really lucky, but I do work hard."

Ceinwen, 12, Cornwall

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