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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2005 19:00 GMT

Are playground games too dangerous?

School kids running in the playground
Pupils at a school in Northumberland have started a petition after being banned from playing tag in the playground because it is considered too rough.

But do you think running around in the playground is dangerous - or an important part of school life?

Have you ever fallen over, scratched yourself or seriously injured yourself while running in the playground?

If so, do you think the ban is a good idea and that running around should be restricted to PE?

Or do you think it's ridiculous as kids have been playing these games for years and should be free to run around during school breaks?

E-mail and tell us what you think.

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Your comments

Yes I do think it's ridiculous. So what if you fall over and scratch your knee - it's just a bit of fun!
Katie, 12, Ellesmere Port

I have a younger sister who loves having a good run around in her school's playground. If they take that away then she will totally ignore it. Most kids would!
Laurie, 14, Birkhill

If they ban playground games why don't they ban adult leisure and fun as well - then it will be fair because after al,l it's up to us if we play safe or not.
Yaz, 12, Cardiff

Even though most school games are pretty rough, and could be a little gentler, like shooting ducks, or the 'jump' game, I don't think we should be stopped. Bulldog-tig was banned, but we still play it. One kid broke his ankle by playing the 'jump' game.
Anna, 11, Bacup

Playground games aren't that dangerous but a boy in my class fell over and cracked his head open, and there is still blood stains on the playground to prove it.
Danielle, 11, Frinton

I think we should be allowed to play tag at school cause it's not rough and all you do is just tap someone.
Charlie, 10, Woking

To be honest, adults can be very stupid at times. They ban everything, for health and safety reasons. If they're going to ban very simple stuff like this, they might as well lock all kids in empty rooms to keep them safe. Kids should be allowed to experiment and try things. Otherwise when they grow up they'll make very stupid mistakes from not getting enough experience at childhood.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

It's called fun. Everyone has fun in different ways. Games like tag are not too rough. They are.. fun!
Aimee, 13, Frome

I don't think it's dangerous because it's something for us to do and it's good exercise. My school has been banned from playing bulldog, all my friends made another name for the game but our head teacher still knew that we were playing bulldog.
Jasmine, 10, Peterborough

Well I think it is an excellent idea banning tag.... when I was in primary school I never played tag but people used to run pass and occasionally push me right over. I've had loads of bruises and one of my friends even broke her leg. Though she was actually playing the game.
Robyn, 13, London

When I was at secondary school we were banned from playing tag because they said it was too rough but all it did was make people play it all the more. The government are always complaining about kids being obese but that's because they aren't allowed to run around and burn off all the fatty foods they've been eating. It is stupid that playground games have been banned and I think that kids should be allowed to run around as much as they want.
Lizzie, 14, Frome

You might as well wrap children up in cotton wool. It's stupid. The school may think that playground games are too dangerous but if that's the case then you might as well ban PE. Ridiculous?! Yes
Laura, 14, Kingsbridge

We are not allowed to sit down in the playground - it's too "dangerous."
Lucy, 10, Cambridge

Yes I think that playgrounds are dangerous because kids always hit their heads or break their leg or arm.
Kavell, 11, Aberdare

Rubbish!! Course they're not. They have been played for centuries so why stop now?
Heather, 14, Edinburgh

I think it's stupid if they think that it is too rough then why didn't they stop it ages ago?
Laura, 12, Plymouth

I don't see how playing in a playground can be dangerous. Everyone needs time in-between lessons to run around, and falling over is part of it!
Madison, 13, Purley

I think that's good. I am saying that not because I don't like playtime, it's because I don't like playing tag because there's too much fall out and it is not very safe if you bump into someone.
Alex, 13, Sheffield

I think banning tag is stupid. I hope it doesn't happen at our school.
Ben, 11, Nottingham

It's really ridiculous that playing tag has been banned, adults are always complaining about how unhealthy and unfit children are, but then they ban one of the things that helps keep children fit!! They worry too much, playing tag was the best thing at my school!
Katie, 15, Maidstone

I think some games are dangerous because when I was in school we were playing touch and this boy touched this girl too hard and she fell over and broke her arm and the same happened to me.
Annemarie, 13, Ystrad Rhondda

OK, sometimes it can get rough but if we didn't want to play then we wouldn't.
Lara, 12, Hertfordshire

Dangerous? Playing tag in the playground is dangerous? People are being too paranoid... people do get hurt from time to time but not seriously hurt often so what's the big deal? Let kids run around if they want.
Lou, 14, Woking

There's no way children can be stopped from playing games, whether someone tries to or not!
Sarah, 15, York

Do they want to ban everything we do?
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

I think we should be able to run freely around the playground. Anyway, think about what would happen if we weren't allowed to run or play games, maybe the nation would have many more overweight children on their hands.
Sophie, 12, Kent

I don't think playgrounds are dangerous, they are somewhere you can chill before lessons so providing that it isn't bullying going on what's the problem?
Kat, 13, Northwich

I don't agree with this, I mean I know they think they are doing it for our benefit, but when they were little they played things like tag, and they grew up fine, half the fun is the risk of being hurt.
Louise, 13, Solihull

I think that a ban on tag is MAD! Tag is NOT dangerous, if people can't run around in case they trip then there is no way children can ever be confident in themselves.
Eden, 11, Newcastle

As I'm at secondary school nobody really plays in the playground, but at my old school the games people played were pretty rough!
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

I think it's sad. They bang on about eating healthy food and do more exercise. Now they are thinking of banning running in the playground. If it does get banned then it won't stop me!
Felicity, 13, Cornwall

When I was in primary school the only exercise I really got was at breaks playing games like tag and squidge. I admit that some of our games were a little rough, like the game was called 'the rough game', but no one ever got anything more than a few bruises. Games like that are just another way of learning, and taking them away is not a good idea.
Juliette, 14, Cardiff

We're always being made to feel like we don't run around enough and are unfit - so why stop us when we do?
Dan, 12, Carlisle

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