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Last Updated: Thursday March 03 2005 15:54 GMT

Quiz: China

Great Wall of China

Question 1

What is China's biggest city?

A: Shanghai
B: Beijing
C: Hong Kong

Question 2

How many people live in China?

A: One billion
B: 1.3 billion
C: 1.6 billion

Question 3

When was the Chinese Empire first set up?

A: 2,210 BC
B: 221 BC
C: 221 AD

Question 4

Who is President of the People's Republic of China?

A: Deng Xiaoping
B: Hu Jintao
C: Li Mubai

Question 5

Who was the first leader of the People's Republic of China?

A: Mao Zedong
B: Jia Qinling
C: Li Changchun

Question 6

Which of these things did not originally come from China?

A: Pasta
B: Paper money
C: Television

Question 7

Which of these animals doesn't come from China?

A: Lion
B: Takin
C: Panda

Question 8

How much of the world's population comes from China?

A: One third
B: One quarter
C: One fifth

Question 9

How big is China?

A: 3,700,000 square miles
B: 2,700,000 square miles
C: 1,700,000 square miles

Question 10

How many times could the UK fit into China?

A: 19 times
B: 29 times
C: 39 times

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