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Last Updated: Friday September 30 2005 19:38 GMT

Cheap laptop is created for kids

The new laptop
An inexpensive laptop computer that can run without electricity has been made for children living in poor countries.

The machines will cost around 57 (under $100), will be covered in rubber to make them extra-tough and can even be charged up using a hand crank.

Computer expert Professor Negroponte came up with the idea after visiting a Cambodian village where school children used donated notebook PCs.

It's hoped poor countries will be able to afford to buy lots of the computers.

The laptops would be easy to carry, with the machine's AC adapter doubling up as a handle.

Because power is a big problem in a lot of developing countries, the hand crank will allow users to wind-up the computer for extra juice when needed.

Learn from the web

Professor Negroponte decided to design the computer because he wanted children all over the world to benefit from the learning and communicating on the internet.

He plans to make up to 15 million machines within a year.

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