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Last Updated: Thursday February 24 2005 17:49 GMT

Tsunami hits turtle conservation

A turtle which was rescued from the tsunami
Turtle conservation areas in Asia have been badly hit by the tsunami, with many workers sadly being killed.

At one turtle camp in Great Nicobar, India, six of the seven workers are missing, presumed dead.

And in parts of India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, thousands of turtles, turtle eggs and nests have been destroyed. One private group lost 10,000 eggs.

One biologist said: "The tsunami may push the dwindling turtle population one step closer to extinction."

A conservation group in Asia, which brings people from all the different countries together to look after endangered marine reptiles, said it is shocked by the effects of the wave.

A rescued turtle
The giant wave wrecked many beaches and nesting grounds, as well as equipment and records, which has badly affected the turtle rescue projects.

Staff at a turtle research base in Thailand have also set up a memorial fund in memory of their colleagues who died, with money going to continue their valuable conservation work.

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