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Last Updated: Sunday February 27 2005 10:44 GMT

I starred in a film with Johnny Depp

Joe starred in the Oscar-nominated film, Finding Neverland

The film Finding Neverland has been nominated for seven Oscars at the 2005 ceremony including Best Film and Best Actor (Johnny Depp).

It tells the story of how the author JM Barrie (Johnny Depp) came up with the idea for Peter Pan, after he met Sylvia Davies (Kate Winslet), a widow and her boys.

Joe played one of Sylvia's children and in his report he tells us what it was like working on set with such big Hollywood names.

"About three years ago I acted in a film called Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

I wasn't actually aware of the big names in it at the time, I just went along to a regular audition.

And I never realised how big the film was going to be until it came out.

Who's Johnny?

I got to work closely with Johnny and Kate.

Kate was my mum and Johnny fell in love with Kate's character, Sylvia.

People say to me "did you talk to them" and I would say: "well, yes, I did talk to them!"

At first it was, like, wow, I'm working with Kate Winslet and this other guy I sort of don't know - which was Johnny Depp.

Down to Earth

I think Johnny became more famous after Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Neverland was filmed before that one.

Joe [in front of Johnny Depp] played one of Kate Winslet's sons in Finding Neverland
Joe [in front of Johnny Depp] played one of Kate Winslet's sons
You don't know what to expect with Hollywood actors but they were both so lovely, so down to earth.

I still talk to Kate Winslet now.

Laughing moments

There were other young actors in the film.

It was our first big production so Johnny and Kate helped us out a lot.

They were always putting us at ease and making us laugh. It was just amazing.

Tutor on set

Finding Neverland took 14 weeks to shoot.

Most of it took place in the summer holidays so only 3-4 weeks was shot during school time.

We had a great tutor on the set called Matt and we spent 2-3 hours per day doing school work.

I hate seeing myself on the big screen, even though I enjoy being in front of the camera.

I just cringe because you never normally see yourself so big!

Joe [middle] also stars in My Dad's the Prime Minister
Joe [middle] also stars in My Dad's the Prime Minister
I've also done some TV work and my next project is another series of My Dad's the Prime Minister.

Keep going

I feel incredibly lucky to have played different roles on TV and film.

But you have to be really dedicated and you have to cope with people saying 'no' after you have auditioned.

It can be very difficult, you can go for months without getting a part. You have to believe in yourself and keep going.

And most importantly you have to want to do it. No-one can force you.

For me, making films is what I love"

Joe, 15, Greenford

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