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Teachers: PSHE: Health influences

Last Updated: Wednesday September 28 2005 15:07 GMT

Worksheet: Junk food to be banned in schools

Food that is bad for you is going to be banned from schools in less than a year, the government will announce.

The Education Secretary Ruth Kelly will say that from September 2006 foods high in salt, fat and sugar will be banned.

And it's not just meals cooked in schools that will have to be healthier, as machines that sell snacks won't have chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks in.

Instead the machines will stock things like milk, water and fruit to try and make kids eat more healthy food.

Ms Kelly will make the speech at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, and will tell people there: "I am absolutely clear that the scandal of junk food served every day in school canteens must end.

Jamie Oliver and Tony Blair
Chef Jamie Oliver launched a campaign to improve school meals
"So today I can announce that we will ban poor quality processed bangers and burgers being served in schools from next September."

Making school meals more healthy has been in the news since chef Jamie Oliver's high-profile TV show and campaign.

Since then the government set up something called the School Meals Review Panel that looked into the food pupils eat in school, and more details about what it recommends will be announced next week.

The government has already promised to spend an extra 280m on improving the meals, with each meal costing a bit more to make.


1. How long do the government say it will take for bad food to be banned from schools?

2. What is the name of the government minister who looks after schools, including school meals?

3. What types of food will be banned?

4. List some snacks and drinks that will be banned from vending machines.

5. What types of snacks and drinks are you likely to find in vending machines after September 2006?

6. What is the name of the government's study into school food?

7. How much more money has the government already promised to spend on improving school meals?

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