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Last Updated: Wednesday September 28 2005 13:28 GMT

Apple admit i-Pod Nano problems

The latest iPod Nano on display at a press launch on September 22, 2005.
Computer company Apple has admitted that some of their new i-Pod Nano music players are faulty.

The tiny version of the i-Pod was launched three weeks ago, and since then loads of users have reported problems with the screen.

Apple is now offering a replacement player to anyone with a cracked or broken screen.

They also recommend people buy a case to protect their Nano, but some say this makes the machine too big.


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Apple deny the problem is a design fault, and said the screen failure is only found in a faulty batch of players.

The company also said the Nano, which is the thickness of five credit cards, is made of the same tough plastic as all its other i-Pods, so is not more likely to scratch.

Loads of complaints

Angry owner Matthew Peterson set up a website where people could report the problems with their player. He received up to 30 e-mails an hour.

One 15-year-old wrote to him after he found his machine suffered a cracked screen within three hours of buying it.

"I pulled my i-Pod out and my heart dropped. The LCD was half destroyed, but there is no visible scratch or mark on the outside of the iPod," he wrote.

Mr Peterson has now closed the website, and posted a message thanking Apple for listening to its users.

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