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Last Updated: Monday October 03 2005 14:31 GMT

Is it right to ban junk food?

chunks of chocolate
Fatty, salty and sugary snacks will be banned from school vending machines and meals as from next September, the government announced today.

And so we want to know what you think - should you have the chocolate choice or should everything you eat at school be healthy?

Are fizzy drinks always your first fix? Do you always use the vending machine or get a tasty treat from the tuck shop?

Or do you think about what you eat and try to make sure it's good for you?

Does your school have vending machines with healthy options like fruit juices as well as crisps and choccie bars?

Also, what did you eat at school today?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I think that it is quite a good idea because some people that have school dinners eat too many chips, or buy too much chocolate from vending machines. They need healthier foods.
Nicola, 12, Cheshire

Every kid should be grateful for what ever food they have and this new ban is for kids benefit and they will realise that when they are older and a living a better and more healthy life.
Georgia, 12, Cheshire

I think that healthy food should be in schools but it should be an OPTION not a decision. If the other children want junk food let them have it. It's their fault and if other children want healthy foods then they can have it its an OPTION.
Rachel, 13, London

I think it's great that they are banning junk food. Sure it tastes nice but it can kill you, whats the point in that!
Nicola, 12, Bolton

I like junk food but if thats all we eat then we will be unfit and unhealthy. It's alright to have junk food some times but we cant just eat the junk!
Tom, 11, Croydon

It's up to us what we eat, not the government. And some people now just don't have lunch at our school.
Ellie, 12, Stourport

I know healhty food is good for you. Now that I am in high school I think that it too late to ban junk food in school as we already have bad habits and you can not really change that.
Rebecca, 12, Glenrothes

I think that it is a really good idea to make schools meals healthier. Having a healthy diet makes it easier to concentrate whereas large amounts of sugar and fizzy drink makes people have shorter concentration spans and makes kids hyper.
Rebecca, 13, Brill

Kids who argue for burgers and chips are silly, they're no good for you. I have a salad.
Katie, 12, Newcastle

They say its a healthy option but its not a option if you can't chose!
Ben, 11, Derby

I think that it is a good idea to band junk food from schools so children are more healthy and active and when they have exams their brain will work properly.
Lorena, 10, London

I think they are right to ban junk food at school because junk food is really bad for our bodies and schools should be making the effort to help stop children eating junk food.
Megan, 11, Kilmarnock

It's a brilliant idea. It's unhealthy to eat junk food and that's probably why we're so fat nowadays.
Emma, 14, Coventry

I don't think heathly food is bad, but food should be balanced so children get a variety. My school dinners rock!!
Katie, 15, Norfolk

Junk food shouldn't be banned from schools - we should be able to eat what we want as we are paying for it!
Matthew, 14, Leeds

It's not fair that they are choosing our food for us, if we want to be unhealthy then that is our fault!
Kenny, 11, Salhouse

I think a system like our school's is perfect. We have no vending machines and healthy meals all week, but we have chips on Fridays.
Kiri, 14, Norwich

I think its a good idea they are making the menus healthier. Too many kids are getting fatter. One suggestion is just putting salad in the burgers.
Kez, 11, Eastbourne

At my school we have no chip day on a Monday and no complains. We also get a varied menu of anything you want - from pasta to jacket potatoes. You can also get a snack place where you get your burgers and chips. So we have nothing to complain about at my school!!!!!!
Nat, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

They can't do this! It's our desison to eat what we want!
Kirki, 13, Twickenham

Banning junk food could be a good idea because of all the pupils that eat nothing but junk food. You need some fat in you but still school dinners are unhealthy so they should change too.
Becky, 10, Bristol

I don't know why people are complaining! It'll only be good for them in the long run. I wish they would ban junk in schools here too!
Emma, 14, Australia

I think this is a good idea because schools provide far too much junk food, but the prices of healthy sandwiches are higher so that puts people of buying healthy food.
Vicky, 15, Cumbria

I think you should ban junk food but keep vending machines because people have to have sugar. You can't have healthy food all the time and you need a bit of fat to give you a balanced diet.
Robyn, 13, Bristol

I think it is a really good idea bringing healthy food into school but are the children going to eat it?
Ryan, 13, Liverpool

I feel that the goverment has left the issue for too long.
Callum, 13, Liverpool

Dear Newsround, I disagree with banning junk food. Children can eat whatever they want to. I agree with getting rid of salty school dinners but I think we should keep vending machines.
Cameron, 12, Bristol

This idea is the worst thing yet. If kids didn't eat sugary food then they would not keep going through the day. Kids know what is in a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar. We get taught it in science lessons.
Jamie, 12, Yeovil

It is okay to ban junk food at school but I think we should be allowed junk food at Christmas.
Sophie, 9, Camden

I think that it is an okay idea. If you think about it, the fast food is not doing us any good so if you take it away what's the harm? NOTHING.
Jorirah, 13, Reading

I don't think we should ban junk food because we are allowed some sugar and fat in our diets, and it won't do us any harm.
Louise, 10, Pelton

I think banning junk food is a good idea because you will become healthier. STOP JUNK FOOD!!!
Jessica, 10, Cheasham

I think that there should occasionally be unhealthy food on school menus.
David, 10, Keswick

It's wrong because people make their own choices about what they want to eat. They decide whether they want to be healthy or not.
Marissa, 13, Edinburgh

Banning foods like this is wrong because everyone says that kids are to concerned with body image but if you say loads of people are obsessed that makes people even more consious about their bodies.
Emma, 14, Edinburgh

This idea is rubbish. If kids didn't eat sugary food then they would not keep going through the day. Kids know what is in a packet of crisps or chocolate bar they know what they're eating. We get taught it in biology and science lessons.
Ella, 13, Bristol

I don't think it is such a good idea to ban vending machines and junk food as we need to learn to be disciplined and decide what is right and wrong to eat. I think that there should simply be more healthy snacks in vending machines like fruit juices and cereal bars.
Katherine, 14, Newcastle

They have already cut out unhealthy food in my school. They've started making their own pizza instead of buying it in and replaced sweets with fruit. But everyone just goes up the street now and that food is even more unhealthy than the food in the canteen before.
Jess, 13, Creiff

I think it's brilliant that the goverment are going to ban junk food. Some of my friends have school dinners so I'm glad they'll be having a healthier dinner.
Bryony, 13, Trowbridge

I think that junk food should be banned in schools because it isn't healthy and just does us no good - it rots our teeth, makes up put on weight and gives up spots. BAN I NOW!!
Abi, 11, Warrington

NO! If people want to eat junk food that's up to them. Not all junk food is from school, kids get given it at home as well. If your worried about childrens' weight look at the parents, not the school.
Hannah, 14, Thame

I think that it is a great idea to ban junk food in schools. We now have a healthy tuck shop that we got last semester and the bad behaviour in school has gone down rapidly.
Amy, 12, Sudbury

I think it is right to ban the fat foods so we will get used to it, like get a salad bar.
Farzana, 9, Edmonton

I think that it is good to ban junk food but it should not get banned from the vending machines also my mate cannot eat anything in school anymore becaue she does not like it so she started bring packed lunches instead!
Aysha, 11, Bradford

Yes, I think it's right to band junk food from schools because overweight children are being bullied for their size.
Lucy, 9, Harrow

At our school they have a healthy building where you can get healthy food as well, so it's not like people don't have a choice about what they want to eat. Also, BANNING is different to encouraging and banning is just going to make people go home and eat all the junk food they can!
Ammaarah, 11 Preston

I think that junk food shouldn't be banned in school as we know that fatty and fizzy foods are bad for us but we still choose to eat them instead of healthy foods. You can always bring a packed lunch instead of getting dinners!
Charlotte, 15, Reading

I think the government should just give kids what they want to eat. If they don't want to eat healthy food they shouldn't have to.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think that junk food shouldn't be banned in school as we know that fatty and fizzy foods are bad for us but we still choose to eat them instead of healthy foods. You can always bring a packed lunch instead of getting dinners!
Jo, 13, Belfast

Banning junk food in schools is pathetic, there are some kids that don't eat healthly and by doing that they won't eat anything at all.
Kathryn, 14, Stevenage

I live abroad and we bring our own lunch-boxes to school with whatever we want in! We do have a school tuck-shop though. There used to be junk food but now they have gone health food crazy - you can't get any junk food and most of the food is horrid so people don't use it anymore!
Luce, 13, Oman

I think it's the right thing to do. Crisps and sweets will only make you fat and unhealthy. They're ok for the odd treat but not all the time. Well Done Jamie Oliver!!
Katy, 15, Warrington

I think its a good idea and a bad idea. It's going to help people become healthier. However, at my school the food in the canteen isn't very good - the crisps are the best things there!
Rachel, 13, West Sussex

At my school we already have the healthy system. We can't buy any fizzy drinks (the closest thing is sparkling low-calorie water!), no chocolate in the vending machines - only health bars. I think it's a bit much banning it all altogether, maybe it would be better to just sell less junk food.
Orla, 11, London

No! They should not ban junk food because we can still have fruit and milk in are canteens as well.
Matt, 11, Durrington

I think you shouldn't ban junk food. Kids have the right to eat whatever they want.
Olivia, 12, Jersey

I don't think they should ban sweets in schools because people will go to the shops and get some sweets. They should include healthy food in schools, but leave sweets in the vending machines!
Tyler, 13, Devon

It's a good idea on paper but realistically it will only make people want to rebel and eat more junk food!
Zoe, 15, Plymouth

I think chips and beans are fab. I know they're not good for you but they taste nicer than healthy things like tomatoes!
Belinda, 9, Castleford

It's our choice, kids will just go elsewhere for food or not eat in school at all.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

In my school they have just banned fizzy drinks and entered a new bar in the canteen that sells wraps with healthy fillings but they still have vending machines selling chocolate crisps and sweets. I think it's disgusting. If it's there, people will obviously take it. If people want junk food at home that's their choice but at school, it's the school's and government's responsibility to keep us healthy!
Charley, 12, Epsom

You've got to be kidding! All that healthy food is gross! Makes me sick!
Dorian, 11, Stoke-on-Trent

I agree, more and more kids are obese and we should help them eat healthily from a young age.
Jasmin, 15, Bradford

It isn't fair to completely ban junk food from schools and it is not going to stop people from eating what they want to eat. Part of growing up is learning to make the right decisions and how are we supposed to gain experience in that if we can't make our own choices about what we want to eat?
Chloe, 13, Hull

My mum has never given me or my brothers or sisters junk food, we've always have fresh fish and veg. I prefer to eat a bowl of olives than a bag of crisps.
Robyn, 7, Nottingham

I think that this is stupid - if we want to eat junk we can and will. All that will happen is everyone will bring in junk from home rather than buying it. I can understand cutting the amount of junk food available but cutting it out completely means that we don't gat a choice!!!
Lauren, 15, Berkshire

I think a balance is good. Just having healthy food would be boring and would make me want chocolate even more! So I would have healthy food every day except for one day of the week.
Nowrin, 11, Nottingham

I love crisps! I know they're unhealthy but they taste so much nicer than vegetables and potatoes and stuff! I always have them for lunch.
Martin, 12, Cumbria

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