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Last Updated: Tuesday September 27 2005 18:11 GMT

Quiz: Charles Dickens

Orphans from Oliver Twist.

Question 1

What job did Charles Dickens do before he became a famous author?

A: Chef
B: Journalist
C: Undertaker

Question 2

What's the name of the cheery chap who makes friends with Oliver Twist and introduces him to Fagin's pick-pocketing gang?

A: Jammy Dodger
B: Artful Dodger
C: Roger the Dodger

Question 3

Which of these is NOT a book by Charles Dickens?

A: Hard Times
B: Pickwick Papers
C: Pride and Prejudice

Question 4

One of Dickens' books, Great Expectations, is about a young boy, but what's his name?

A: Jed
B: Pip
C: Kit

Question 5

How many children did Charles Dickens have?

A: Three
B: Seven
C: Ten

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