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Last Updated: Friday October 07 2005 10:16 GMT

Oliver stars eager for some more!

Little orphan Oliver (Barney Clark) is looked after by the Artful Dodger (Harry  Eden)
The two young stars of the new film Oliver Twist really want some more - some more acting!

Barney Clark, 12, plays Oliver and 15-year-old Harry Eden is the Artful Dodger and they both loved filming so much they are keen to carry on.

"It's been great fun making it and the film is brilliant," Barney told Newsround Online.

Oliver is an orphan who is thrown out of a workhouse for asking for more food and falls in with a pickpocket gang.

The PG film comes out on Friday 7 October and is directed by the famous film-maker Roman Polanski.

"I was a bit nervous about meeting him as he's like a legend," said Harry, "but he was so nice and put me at ease at once."

The director also helped Barney to make his role alive - by not learning his lines off by heart!

Harry Eden (left) with director Roman Polanski and Barney Clark.
Barney explained: "Roman told me not to learn the lines too well as otherwise you get into saying them in a certain rhythm like 'Blah, blah, blah' and you want your lines to sound fresh. He was really good."

Orphan Oliver is befriended by the streetwise Artful Dodger who teaches him how to steal to survive. Both boys had to learn how to pick pockets and do card tricks in real life.

The film was shot in Prague in the Czech Republic and also stars the famous actor Sir Ben Kingsley as the pickpockets' boss, Fagin.

All about Oliver
Charles Dickens wrote the book
It was written in 1838
There's a dog called Bullseye
Oliver is sold to an undertaker
The action takes place in London
Barney was chosen for the key role from more than 800 boys and particularly enjoyed doing his own stunts!

"There's one scene and I'm on the roof about 60ft up with a harness - that you can't see on the film. I wasn't scared as it was exciting and I really enjoyed doing it."

When he's not acting, Barney likes playing on his games console, going to the cinema with his friends and playing on his bike.

Strangely enough Harry first decided to go into acting when he saw the musical version of the film when he was just six and began working as an actor at nine!

Harry said he was quite nervous when there were the big scenes as there could be hundreds of extras on the set - and all the attention was on him, but he's very pleased with how the film has turned out.

The orphans eat their small portions of food - and want some more!
"I've seen the film four times and it gets better and better each time. It's not boring like you might think Dickens is like, it's really fantastic!"

Harry has a couple of big awards under his belt already - and will soon be on television in another Dickens' favourite, Bleak House, where he plays the part of Joe.

He's given up school and has a home tutor because he spends so much time acting, which he loves. His other love is golf and he's got a very admirable handicap of five!

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