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Last Updated: Monday February 21 2005 14:43 GMT


Old style Guide uniform. Picture credit: Girlguiding UK
The original guide uniform was a blue skirt and stockings with a jumper and neckerchief in the Guide groups' colour.

In 1990, designer Jeff Banks launched a new Guide uniform; a mix and match of bright blue sweatshirts, jumpers, polo shirts, T-shirts, jogging bottoms, skirts and trousers.

In 1998, jeans became an official part of the uniform.

In 2000, top fashion designer Ally Capellino, whose clients include Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Zoe Ball, revamped the uniform.

She added a new T-shirt, body-warmer, rugby shirt and sweatshirt for Guides to chose from.

In 1917, Brownies wore a brown tunic dress with patch pockets and in 1973 a knitted pom-pom hat was added.

Today's Brownie uniform, which was introduced in 2002, was created by catwalk designer Ally Capellino.

The modern collection is a mix and match of traditional yellow and brown clothes including fashionable hooded jackets, boot cut leggings, body warmers, T-shirts and skorts (a cross between a skirt and shorts).

In 1987, when Rainbows Guides were first formed they wore a sleeveless tabard over their usual clothes. All the Rainbows in a particular unit wore the same coloured tabard.

In 2004, Ally Capellino launched a new Rainbow uniform consisting of a red hooded jacket, jogging pants, cycle shorts and a red and blue polo shirt.

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