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Last Updated: Monday September 26 2005 16:38 GMT

Surfer takes on shark in attack

Great White shark
Australian surfers must be made of strong stuff - for the second time in a month one of them has fought off a shark attack with his bare hands.

Josh Berris was attacked at Kangaroo Island in South Australia on Saturday. He pushed the shark away before being pulled to safety by friends.

Earlier this month another surfer, Jake Heron, did a similar thing at Port Lincoln, also in South Australia.

Both Josh and Jake both escaped from their ordeals with cuts and bruises.

Jake Heron
Jake Heron

A medic who treated Josh said: "He was just sitting on his board waiting for the next wave... and it just hit him from underneath and knocked him off."

It's thought the shark was a great white. They have been blamed for a string of attacks on surfers in Australia.

Experts say they may confuse the surfer's boards for their natural prey - seals.

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