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Last Updated: Tuesday September 27 2005 09:39 GMT

I'm glad I learnt to scuba dive


It's Come and Dive Week 2005!

This means that dive clubs throughout the UK will be encouraging people to have a go at scuba diving.

Press Packer Catherine has already qualified as a diver and in her report she tells us why she loves it so much.

"My favourite sport is scuba diving.

Last year I tried out scuba diving at my local club and I found it amazing - it's such a strange experience though!

Safety procedures

After a five-week course in the pool this year I was ready to go and do my open water dives in the sea.

By the way it isn't all fun though, if you are serious about becoming qualified you will have to do lots of theory work so that you know the risks and safety procedures.

Beautiful creatures

This summer I flew to Australia for a holiday and I completed an intro dive (to refresh my memory) and then my four open water dives.

It's such a surreal experience, I was 10 metres under water at the Great Barrier Reef swimming along side some of the world's most beautiful creatures.

Anywhere in the world

I am so glad that I have taken up scuba diving. I am now a PADI junior open water diver.

That means that I can go scuba diving anywhere in the world as long as I have an adult with me.

I am looking forward to visiting lots of other seas and I'd recommend scuba diving to everyone!"

Catherine, 13, Herts

Contact your local sub-aqua club to find out more about Come and Dive Week 2005.

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