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Last Updated: Sunday September 25 2005 15:29 GMT

Tiger skins 'discovered on sale'

Bengal tiger
Tiger skins have been discovered openly for sale on the streets of China and Tibet, say a conservation group.

The Environmental Investigation Agency warn that if the trade is not stopped the animals could become extinct.

The group say they want governments there to crack down on traders and teach people who buy the skins why it's important to protect tigers.

The animals are protected under a special UN agreement on international trade in endangered species.

The Environmental Investigation Agency made a film showing the skins for sale in markets and shops in China and Tibet.

Some of the video shows Tibetan officials, a school teacher and even children wearing clothes made out of tiger skin.

A big problem is that many tiger skins are used in traditional costumes, so experts say teaching people about the importance of the big cats could be the key to the tiger's survival.

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