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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2005 15:24 GMT

What can we do to help Africa?

Ghanaian child
Newsround has taken a trip to Ghana to investigate poverty in Africa.

Are we doing enough to help people in need in Africa?

What sorts of things do you think would be best to solve problems like wars, disease and poverty?

Have you given money to charity? Or do you think we should solve our own problems first?

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I think people forget about Africa sometimes, and don't always give enough to help them. People should be more aware of what is going on elsewhere rather than just around them.
Becky, 13, Harborne

I think we should stop wasting money for things we don't need and start thinking of giving the money to the people who really need it in Africa
Sausen, 10, London

We should send doctors to train others so people who live there can help themselves. In Ghana there are only 6 doctors for every 100,000 people.
Ann, 13, Birmingham

I think that a major problem is third world debt. They are getting into debt. The same amount is being spent on debt repayment as education. If children don't get a good education, how will they be able to help themselves in the future?
David, 13, Southport

We aren't doing enough. Most people don't care - they just go on about their daily lives and don't think of others. I think celebs should give loads because they are so so so rich!
Hadeel, 14, London

I think we should help more countries like Africa. We need to think of others before ourselves!
Gemma, 13, Kent

I think the British public already do loads to help others, we're the most charitable people in the world.
Alex, 15, Cove

Maybe we should give the people in Africa a bit more money to be able to build more appropriate things so they can live with better sewage systems or better food to eat. We could try to place some good clinics with the good quality doctors to make sure the sick aren't suffering and they don't die.
Craig, 11, Barton

Even before the Tsunami, African people were dying and in droughts and sick. When the Tsunami hit, so many people started raising money for the Tsunami victims and the Tsunami is just as severe as all of the people dying in Africa. So we should show some respect and help Africans too!
Angebell, 11, Oregon, US

There's a saying that goes 'give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life". The whole point is, you can give and give, but until they have there own stable economy, they will never succeed.
Kami, 15, Essex

We just go out and buy what we want and don't think about others. I think we should consider giving Africa tools and plants so they can help start their own future and we wouldn't then be interfering too much.
Rosemary, 14, Leigh

We should cancel third world debt, countries can't afford to pay it and they never will be able to, so all we are doing is stopping developing countries from developing as much as they can.
Ana, 14, York

We need to start building houses, schools, hospitals and much more to help. If they don't have clean water, food and contacts they won't be able to sell their crops and get good pay. The children are the future and if they're not educated then it will be a horrible circle.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

We aren't doing enough to help Africa. Medicine should be send to fight diseases, wells that produce clean water should be built. If we have everything we need to survive why can't they?
Laurie, 14, Birkhill

I think that less money should be spent on pointless things in the UK and more spent on helping those in Africa. We cannot stop giving to those who need it.
Katy, 12, Cumbria

We can help by giving aid. I just brought a wristband from OXFAM it says MAKE POVERTY HISTORY! Thanks to Comic Relief, people's lives will be made much better.
Olivia, 10, Coventry

We should give Africa medicine for diseases and more experienced doctors to them help too. Also, there should be more events like Comic Relief to help raise money for people in poverty. We should help solve Africa's problems first before our own because we have enough medicine and money in this country, the people there don't and need things more desperately then we do.
Annabel, 13, Hemel Hempstead

We need to be more generous to those who have so little, that includes more celebrity help. They make so much, they could give a little more too.
Laura, 13, Manchester

People don't realise it's just not medical aid needing to be given. If these children don't get an education there is no chance that they will understand things and no chance of them having a future. With our help these children that are suffering can have a future. If only we help.
Harry, 14, Newcastle

Before I went to Africa I knew lots of people needed our help but didn't do much about it. Now that I've seen what people are going through everyday, I know more needs to be done. It's one thing watching video footage, it's a whole other seeing it for yourself. The government and the public need to do more, not enough is being done to help all those who need it.
Sarah, 15, London

We need to give them the money to grow crops and to build homes for themselves, not just give them the food which won't last.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

A lot has to be needed. It's not fair on Africa. Probably more money was made for the Tsunami charities in a few months that Africa's getting in a whole year. People there are suffering just as much as the people who suffered from Tsunamis. Probably even more.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

Lots of rich countries like America and Britain should give some money to help the poor people get a better and longer life.
Cheyanne, 12, Manchester

I think that we all need to be more generous to charity's as we have to remember how well off we are compared to them.
Chris, 11, Wimbledon

We need to continuously support them with medical aid but, we need to send people like doctor, and volunteers to help with their disease and to help make their lifestyle a bit better and stronger.
Latasha, 15, USA

We need to send more food and supplies to the countries that need them most. They also need better medical care. It would be good if we sent over more medicines.
Rebecca, & Georgina, 14 & 12, Essex

I think they should come first we have left it to long they need help. I think people should donate more and we could build better hospital supplies for them!
Lydia, 10, Sheffield

We need to keep giving aid - but also to make sure it goes to help people help themselves.
Amy, 12, Settle

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