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Last Updated: Monday September 26 2005 08:57 GMT

I can speak three languages


Press Packer Shaaji can speak three different languages - English, Dutch and Tamil.

In her report she tells us what languages she thinks and dreams in and why her dad keeps telling her off!

"I used to live in The Netherlands although I was born in Sri Lanka. Now I live in England!

Speaking secretly!

I think I'm quite lucky to know other languages.

As well as English and Dutch I can also speak Tamil.

I can tell anything to my mum and no one can understand us!

Learning languages

Because I lived in Holland for eight years I can speak Dutch.

Unfortunately my parents don't speak Dutch with me at home so my knowledge of Dutch is deteriorating.

I feel very bad for forgetting it.

Confusing words

One thing I do which I hate is confusing my words - when I speak in Tamil I sometimes mix in English words.

My dad hates me doing this and tells me off quite a bit!

Thinking and dreaming

I "THINK" in English because when I'm working out a sum, I always work it out in English.

But I really don't know in what language I dream in!"

Shaaji, 14, Essex

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