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Last Updated: Friday February 18 2005 19:09 GMT

Ban on hunting with dogs starts

The ban on hunting with dogs has started

The ban on hunting with dogs officially came into force on Friday - which means the sport is now against the law.

But many people who are against the ban have pledged to carry on anyway. Some have said they'll change the way they hunt, but others plan to break the law.

The government has told people to follow the new law, by drag hunting or flushing out foxes then shooting them.

It's not clear how the police will enforce the law and track down the hundreds of people who may break it.

Many people who have been campaigning for years to ban hunting with dogs are pleased at the new law, as they say the sport is cruel.

But those who are against the ban say hunting is a natural part of country life, and they are still trying to get the ban overturned.

Anti-hunt campaigners are happy
The Countryside Alliance has said about 50,000 people are prepared to break the ban and continue hunting "in the full knowledge they will be arrested".

The League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA are planning to help the police to ensure people who hunt illegally are punished.

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Your comments

It's hard to say if it is right or wrong to ban hunting. Hunting seems wrong to some but to others it is a way of life. Do we have the right to change that?
Emily, 15, Cardiff

I'm really happy that hunting with dogs is going to be banned. I know that it might destroy lots of people's livelihoods but there are better and more human ways to deal with fox populations!!!
Laura, 13, Worcestershire

I think fox hunting should continue as it is an old English tradition and many jobs and lives would be lost. However, I believe fox hunting should be controlled.
Kayligh, 14, Essex

The ban is a really stupid idea, my next door neighbours are the local hunt and they will have to leave. I live on a farm and it is an important way of the countryside to control the foxes. These stupid "Townies" have never been to the country so they don't understand our way of life. If they lived here they would.
Caroline, 11, Plymouth

I love horse riding, and lots of people I know hunt, but I think it's a disgusting "sport" and should certainly be banned. We've had chickens and guinea-pigs killed and maimed by the fox hounds they keep next door, and so I think that banning the hunt is brilliant! Sometimes you find fox remains ripped to shreds on footpaths after a hunt, it's disgusting.
Cathy, 14, Ross-on-Wye

I live in Scotland and this has already been banned and I think it is horrible banning part of the culture around here. I don't do riding but a lot of people I know do! They are really upset! If a farmer was to see an injured fox he can't put it out of it's misery! Around here there was a hunt nearly every day and now it is really common to see a fox - they're everywhere!!!
Steff, 14, Jedburgh/CPS:NAME>

Fox hunts are not as bad as many other traditions in Portugal and Spain involving bulls - why should our traditions be taken away when their's are not?
Antony, 13, London

I think the ban is great. What's the point of killing foxes?
Mohammed, 13, London

I think that it's good that fox hunting has been banned because it's cruel and unnecessary.
Jonathan, 13, Croydon

I think the ban is a good idea because they are living creatures.
Andrew, 9, Glasgow

I think fox hunting shouldn't be banned. It's one of the things that is a tradition, it wouldn't seem right if they banned it. Plus people are still going to hunt after hunting is banned.
Marlee, 13, Marske By The Sea

I think that it is good, as foxes deserve to be free, and live a normal life like humans
Hannan, 12, Nechells

I am best friends with a hunter, but foxes are my favourite animals. In a way I think the ban is good for the foxes, but in another way my friend's family have been hunting for years.
Amanda, 14, Crowborough

I'm glad that the foxes won't be hurt, but I don't know what will happen to all the hounds!
Clare, 12, Ealing