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Last Updated: Monday September 26 2005 17:53 GMT

Would you want a Wayne Rooney doll?

The Wayne Rooney doll
Here's Wayne Rooney as you've never seen him before - as a doll!

This 20 Wayne Rooney action doll is about to go on sale in the UK.

The 12in figure is dressed in Man United kit and has moveable limbs that can kick - but it doesn't talk.

So would you want a Wayne Rooney doll to be on the top of your Christmas list this year? Or which other sports stars or celebrities do you think would make good action dolls?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I would love a Wayne Rooney doll - Wayne rocks!! He is so wicked and I think it is unfair to call him Shrek! For one thing, Shrek is green!
Natalie, 13, South Wales

I think that Wayne Rooney is the best football player the world has seen in ages! I love him so I think he SHOULD get a doll!
Jodie, 13, Taunton

I live in the US and not the UK, but from reading everyone else's comment he seems like a bad idol for kids because he swears. Anyway, this doll reminds me a Barbie and it is freaking me out.
Pandie, 11, USA

I think it's just a phase and it will go out of style in like one week! So my advice is to NOT buy one!!!
Ashley, 13, Roswell

Wayne ROONEY is the best football player so i think you should get one.
Lewis, 10, Frome

Wayne rox! he's totally cool!
Richard, 12, Coleraine

A shrek doll? Sorry, a Rooney doll? No way.
Logan, 9, Haverfordwest

Why buy a Wayne Rooney doll when it doesn't even look like Wayne Rooney?
Harry, 10, Attleborough

I am a huge Wayne Rooney fan and it's so class!! It should be worth 60!!
Rowan, 14, Newcastle

I would not buy it. Everybody in school will buy it but then after one year they'll say it's boring.
Fatima, 11, Leicester

I don't think that will be such a good idea as Wayne Rooney is a bad idol for young children.
Krissy, 14, Norwich

I'd be proper scared if I opened my Christmas pressie and saw Rooney staring back at me! It would be like having a Shrek doll but just not as good.
Luce, 13, Manchester

No I wouldn't like a Wayne Rooney doll...but at least it doesn't talk so you can't hear him swear!!!
Amanda, 12, Leeds

No way! I'd just get a Shrek doll!
Laura, 11, Birmingham

No - but I would not mind a Thierry Henry doll as I'm a Gunner.
Zishan, 13, Slough

I wouldn't like to get a Wayne Rooney doll as it would be another 'fad' where everybody would get them. Then in six months time, no one will want them anymore. Plus, they cost quite a lot of money at 20 for just a little doll.
Bex, 13, Livingston

YES!!! I would love one! He is grand!
James, 11, Bristol

I think that it is awful! Who would want a doll like that and what would they use it for?
Beth, 13, Chipping Norton

No! I don't even think he's good! I want an Owen Doll!!
Tom, 13, Leeds

No way would I want one! It is so ridiculous! Why pay 20 for a doll? Especially as it can't even talk!
Laura, 13, Lewes

I'm his number one fan in the universe! I would love one!
Jordan, 9, Cardiff

It is sheer class!
Josh, 8, Hayle

I would love a Wayne Rooney doll because I'm his biggest fan in the whole universe!!!
Alex, 13, Leeds

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