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Last Updated: Friday September 23 2005 16:54 GMT

Potter fan copies out whole book

Potter fan Sandra Luchian
A Harry Potter fan has spent her summer holidays writing out the latest book because she couldn't afford to buy it.

Sandra Luchian, 15, from Moldova, borrowed a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from a friend and wrote down the story word for word.

The book isn't available to buy in Moldova, and her family couldn't afford to get the book sent over from the UK.

So Sandra filled five notebooks with Harry's latest wizard adventures so she could add the book to her collection.

She even wrote dialogue in black, and narration in blue, to make the story easier to read.

Excellent English

One of Sandra's notebooks
One of Sandra's notebooks
"In Moldova this book didn't appear and I really liked to have it in my own library and I decided to write by hand and that's why I did what I did," said Sandra.

Although the book is in English, Sandra only took two days to read it.

But copying down the 607 pages took just over a month.

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