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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2005 13:46 GMT

Michael Jackson leaves hospital

Michael Jackson waves from his hospital room
Michael Jackson waves from his hospital room

Singer Michael Jackson has left hospital after having treatment for flu-like symptoms.

He was taken to hospital on Tuesday, which led to a week's delay in his trial in California, where he is facing 10 charges of hurting a child.

Raymone Bain, a spokeswoman for the singer said: "He's still not feeling well, but he's going to continue his recovery at home."

Jackson, 46, has denied all of the charges against him.

Media trucks outside the court room
There is massive media interest in the trial

While in hospital the star was spotted waving to fans who had gathered outside.

When Jackson was taken ill the court was selecting the people who will make up the jury. They will decide if he is innocent or guilty.

The process of choosing that jury is expected to continue on 22 February and the trial could last as long as six months.

If he is found guilty Jackson could face up to 21 years in prison.