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Last Updated: Wednesday February 16 2005 14:27 GMT

Hunters fail in new ban challenge

Member of the League Against Cruel Sports dressed up as a fox
The ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales will begin on Friday after hunt supporters lost their latest legal challenge to block the ban.

The Countryside Alliance, which is in favour of hunting, had argued it was not right for MPs to use the Parliament Act to introduce the ban.

But the appeal court have now ruled against the group.

Pro-hunt groups say it's impossible to enforce the ban, but the League Against Cruel Sports say they'll help police.

The RSPCA have also said they will do what they can to support the ban.

Simon Hart, of the Countryside Alliance, accepted the ban will definitely go ahead on Friday, but said police would not be able to enforce the law.

The group has said about 50,000 people are prepared to break the ban and continue hunting "in the full knowledge they will be arrested".

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