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Last Updated: Wednesday February 16 2005 11:28 GMT

Report says obesity not a problem

Childhood obesity in the UK isn't as serious a problem as some people think, according to a new report.

The Social Issues Research Council, which gets money from the government and companies that make food, says kids aren't much heavier now than in 1995.

The SIRC says that the average weight of a 15-year-old has gone up by less than two kilos since 1995.

However, another group called the National Obesity Forum say it is still a big problem and more needs doing.

The SIRC - who used information from the government's 2003 Health Survey - doesn't think the way obesity is worked out in the UK is the best method.

They say the current method doesn't pay enough attention to the fact that kids have got taller since 1995.

The SIRC report agrees that there are more obese kids, but thinks the rise is around 3% instead of 6% according to the government.

Dr Peter Marsh, co-director of SIRC, said no-one was pretending obesity wasn't a problem, but added that little has changed in the last 10 years.

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