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Last Updated: Wednesday September 21 2005 16:05 GMT

Lion let loose by kids roams city

An African lion

A circus lion caused panic when it was let loose by children and wandered around a city centre for two hours.

It's thought a group of kids untied the ropes which were securing the lion's cage at the Guasay Circus in Bolivia.

The beast roamed around looking for food, seemingly unaware of the terrified people around her.

Scared residents were told to stay indoors until the African lion was finally captured by a keeper. "She's not bad," the man told reporters.

But some residents complained, saying the lion should be kept more securely.

"They are not looked after there, at any moment they can escape and cause damage to the children," one person said.

It's not the first time the lion has escaped - she got loose two months ago and wandered around a sports arena, but no-one was hurt that time either.