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Last Updated: Friday February 18 2005 17:51 GMT

Going to school in Bolgatanga

Anabila lives in Bolgatanga, Ghana
Anabila goes to school in Bolgatanga, Ghana. It wasn't easy for him to get in.

He tells us why we need to give to charity to help people in his position.

"I'm happy with school because it's where my future lies. If I finish school, I can get qualifications and get a job.

I'll be different from my parents, and I'll be able to help them and my brothers and sisters.

Couldn't pay fees

I started school late, after most of my friends. I told the village chief and he asked my father why I wasn't in school.

He said it was because he was poor, so the chief said he would pay for my school fees.

Charity help

My father had no choice, and sent me to school, but ended up paying the fees himself.

It got difficult for my father to pay, so Youth Aid (a charity which helps young people) stepped in, and for the past year they've been supporting me.

Achieving dreams

I'm very glad that people give to charity to help people in Africa, and hope they carry on doing it.

With help, we can achieve our dreams - if I finish school, I want to be an engineer."

Anabila, 14, Bolgatanga, Ghana

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