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Last Updated: Friday February 18 2005 17:49 GMT

I work in a rice field every day

Abaane works in a rice field
Abaane lives in Bolgatanga in Ghana. She works up to her knees in water in a rice paddy after school.

In her report she tells us what it's like having to work to get food.

"I go to school at six in the morning. When I finish school at two, I come to work.

Even if I'm too ill to go to school, I work because I need to eat.

Leech bites

At the farm, it's my job to weed the grasses from the rice.

Sometimes leeches, which live in the water, get on my legs and cause wounds.

The leeches hurt a lot, and sometimes they make me cry when I pull them off.

Abaane and Ellie
Abaane shows Ellie the wounds caused by leeches

Straight to work

Compared to British kids, I have a difficult life.

Sometimes I don't get food before I go to school, and then I have to go straight to work.

Working here is difficult, but what can I do?

I have to do it because I need to eat."

Abaane, 13, Bolgatanga, Ghana

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