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Last Updated: Wednesday February 16 2005 08:29 GMT

Why I think the Kyoto Protocol is important

Power plants

The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement signed by 141 countries, including the UK, who all aim to cut down the amount of pollution their country produces - and slow down global warming.

The Protocol comes into force on Wednesday and in his report Luke tells us why he thinks it's important and why the planet is in need of urgent care.

"I think fighting pollution is really important.

Loads of countries are getting together to tackle the problem and have signed an agreement called the Kyoto Protocol.

They aim to cut this pollution by five percent in the next five years.

They're promising to cut down their greenhouse gases by reducing fumes from things like power plants and car exhausts.

Extreme conditions

Greenhouse gases are caused when we release pollution into the air and the layer of atmosphere around our planet changes.

It traps the heat of the sun close to the Earth and causes global warming.

It's a bit like being in a greenhouse and this causes all sorts of problems for our planet - for example the rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions.

America - the world's biggest polluter - has refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

And the rules have been relaxed for developing countries like India and China even though they create lots of pollution too.

Every bit helps

But it's not just whole countries that can make a difference - you can do your bit too.

Walking to work instead of using your car means less fumes go into the atmosphere.

Double glazing helps to keep a room warm so there's less heat wasted and more energy saved.

Recycling is good too.

And use energy saving lights - just remember to turn them off when you leave the room."

Luke, 14, Birmingham

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