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Last Updated: Wednesday September 21 2005 11:45 GMT

We filmed our Romanian Gypsy life

Consonella and Costel were presented with certificates for their help in making a film about their life as Romanian Gypsies
Consonella and Costel were presented with certificates for their help in making a film about their life as Romanian Gypsies
A group of young Romanian Gypsies, or Roma, living in the UK have helped make a film about their way of life called "That's Who I am."

With the help of The Children's Society, the 30 minute-video is designed to give people such as teachers and police a better understanding of Roma children.

Costel and Consonella told Newsround why they wanted to make the video.

Costel helped make a film about his Romanian Gypsy life
"It's about trying to help the Roma by not having the same problems as we did in Romania.

Things were very different back there and there were problems with the police.

We were bullied and beaten in school and called names just because we were Roma.

Nothing like that has happened since I moved to Nottingham three years ago.

I just want to be happy and have a better life.

Like everyone else

I do things that many children my age do. I go to school and do my homework.

My favourite subjects at school are ICT and PE. I like computers and playing football. I also like writing.

When I'm not at school I play in the park, read books, play computer games or watch TV.

I miss my sisters

I live in a flat with my four brothers, my mother and my father.

I have three sisters who live in Romania but I haven't seen them for four years. I miss them lots.


I enjoyed making the film. I held the camera and interviewed people about school and what happened in Romania."

Costel, 11, Nottingham

Consonella helped make a film about her Romanian Gypsy life
"I enjoyed interviewing people in my house as part of the film.

My family

I came to London four years ago and I live in a flat with my mother, father, sister and two brothers.

I love everything about school. At home I enjoy looking after my niece and playing computer games."

Consonella, 12, London

If you know someone, such as a teacher, who would like a copy of the video on CD Rom, they can contact Heather Ureche from The Children Society on 020 7 639 1466 or email her at

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