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Last Updated: Tuesday February 13 2007 16:48 GMT

Quiz: Kissing


Question 1

How long did the world’s longest kiss last, according to the record books?

A: 10 hours 30 minutes
B: 30 hours 45 minutes
C: 48 hours 10 minutes

Question 2

Which festive plant should you kiss your Christmas sweetheart under?

A: Holly
B: Ivy
C: Mistletoe

Question 3

How many calories can you burn kissing for one minute?

A: 26 calories
B: 36 calories
C: 46 calories

Question 4

What’s the best thing to do before you kiss someone special?

A: Eat lots of garlic bread
B: Clean your teeth
C: Go all shy and run off

Question 5

How do Eskimos kiss?

A: Bumping heads
B: Shaking hands
C: Rubbing noses

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