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Last Updated: Monday February 14 2005 18:54 GMT

Why is Jacqueline Wilson so popular?

Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline Wilson has been named the most borrowed author from public libraries for the second year running.

So we thought we'd ask you what it is that makes her so popular.

Is it because her characters are so believable, the issues she deals with so true to life or that her books are nice and easy to read?

Perhaps you think it's all of these reasons... or is there something else?

Whatever your thoughts, e-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I think Jacqueline Wilson is so popular because she writes about important issues in life.
Alice, 15, Greenwich

She uses the feelings of children which I love!
Farzana, 9, Luton

I hate her books - they are so predictable though I do think she writes from her heart about real experiences which makes the storyline so effective.
Sarah, 13, London

I hate her books they are so predictable though I do think she writes from her heart about real experiences which makes the story line so effective.
Sara, 13, London

I think it's because she really shows the problems young and teenage children face in life & people feel they can really connect with the characters in the book!
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

I love Jacqueline Wilson's books because they are about real life girl problems. You can read Jacqueline Wilson's bocks to sort out your own problems.
Heena, 11, Preston

I think Jacqueline Wilson's books are great. I've got them all! I think they're so great because they're so realistic and it's stuff people deal with all the time. It's a great for girls.
Rian, 12, Airdrie

I think Jacqueline Wilson is so popular because she is so good, her books are so touching, and they are so real.
Susie, 10, Coventry

I really like your books they are really cool I've got Girls in Tears, The Cat Mummy, Secrets and The Worried Website and I have now got out from the library The Story of Tracy Beaker.
Joely, 10, Rotherham

At first I didn't read any of the books, but then I started reading them and they're great!
Zoe, 11, Frimley

I think Jacqueline Wilson is cool because her books are either so funny or soooooo sad. She writes about everyday life so it can happen to anybody!
Alice, 10, London

I now think they're boring and don't enjoy the style of writing, but a few years ago they were my favourite books. I think they are so popular as they are so realistic.
Louise, 14, London

I don't like Wilson's books, they are all the same, difficult family situations and the parents are always split-up. If you have read one you've read them all!
Emma, 14, Blackpool

Personally, I love her books and I think she is so popular because her books are credible. They stick to the reality of peoples problem lives yet are interesting and fun to read!
Alice, 11, Coulsdon

I think she is good. She describes things as if she was an actual child herself. My favourite book she has wrote is Girls In Love.
Lauren, 11, Warrington

Jacqueline Wilson's books are so brilliant mainly because she makes the characters so believable and in some of her books it can support children who have the same problem.
Lauri, 14, Birkhill

I love Jacqueline Wilson! I think she is so popular because she describes a lot of things very well. You can really imagine things well. Also, she writes books for all ages, and they are always very exciting.
Fleur, 8, Shropshire

It's because she mixed all genres in one. Romance, family, friendship, horror (sometimes), mystery, history, pets and always manages to twist in plenty of humour. She has a way of writing that sucks you in so much that you can't get out. She's a writing-genius.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

I think her books are popular because they're easy to read and you always feel like reading them-they're not too hard.
Sarah, 14, Essex

She understand what a girls life can be like and she shows it from their point of view!
Bex, 12, Ipswich

I absolutely love her books and have got every single one I think he books are great because they are so realistic
Abigail, 11, Middlesbrough

Her books are so good because she writes about things you can relate to! She helps you to think things through and covers really distressing matters in a sensitive way. I love her books and they often help me to escape when I am upset. I can't wait till the next one, I'll be first in the queue!!
Rachel, 13, Glossop

I just love Jacqueline's book - they are soo realistic and cool. Even though I haven't read all of her books she is still a fab author.
Ovia, 12, Harrow

Well I personally hate her, but I think her books are so popular with kids is cos they are often about real life situations, and they are often an enjoyable read (but obviously not for me).
Holly, 14, Yorkshire

I think J.W's books are so good because they are situations some of us face every day and they always make me laugh.
Christopher, 11, Staines

Jacqueline describes things really well and makes her stories interesting, fun and of course exciting.
Victoria, 10, Helen's Bay

I think the books are really good as it helps you to sort out your problems. I've just read Midnight and I thought I've worked out how to sort out bullying.
Anna, 9, Grantham

Yeah, she is so popular I get her books out all the time and my school never has them in there library cos everyone has them out!
Chloe, 11, Salisbury

When I read Mrs. Wilson's books I feel as if I am in another world, I get so excited. My friends and I have a book club and we discuss her novels every Wednesday, I have read every one of her books twice and can't wait for the next.
Matthew, 10, Edinburgh

I love Jacqueline Wilson, she is fab. I have read all of her books and I think she should win every award there is. I go home and read her novels every day after school. Keep writing Jackie!!!!
Douglas, 12, Glasgow

I think JW is so popular because the situation in which the stories are set makes you feel like you are one of the characters and what's happening to them is happening to you. Also her books are very attractive by the cover and always catches 7 to 16 year olds' eyes.
Amber, 11, Brighton

Well I think personally that Jacqueline is so popular because she writes about real life situations which help you come to terms with stuff and when you read her books she brings you into their life as if you was one of their friends. I think she is a great writer and I hope that she writes many more exiting and brill books and my little sister who is nine enjoys the book too!
Sarah, 12, Dunstable

I don't like her books at all, but I think the reason the books are so popular with others is because they are issues about real life which I think children and also adults enjoy reading and learning about.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I think JW books are fab because they teach you the other side of life.
Annabel, 10, Birmingham

I think JW books are wonderful because she writes about things which are going on around the UK. She makes her readers feel as if they are there inside the book witnessing everything that is going on.
Karen, 13, Blaina

I think her books are so inspiring to me.
Imogen, 12, West Midlands

She's a fantastic author. My sister adores her writing. I think - even though I'm a boy - that she can create such a realistic world where everyone can fit in. I'm shocked though that JK didn't make it onto the list - although I suppose most of her fans buy the books.
Ryan, 15, Enniskillen

I think that JW's books are so popular because the storylines are something you can relate to in real life, and she also has you hooked reading page to page, wanting to find out what happens next.
Vadz, 14, Walsall

I think JW books are great because even though the storylines are often serious, they are also fun to read.
Charlotte, 13, Ipswich

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