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Last Updated: Thursday September 22 2005 10:28 GMT

What's cool in your school?

Now that you are settled back into school we want to know what's hot and what's not in your class?

Are there any new fashion trends that are going to be big this term? Are fat or thin ties 'in'?

Are you still making scoubidous or are they SOOOO last year? What's cool to collect, and pukka in your playground?

Maybe you and your mates are all playing a new game that's going to be

the latest craze?

We want to hear about what trend is top of YOUR class, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

My school loves livestrong bracelets and skateboarding shoes.
Riley, 12, London

Straight, dark brown hair is in now! I'm lucky because I have dark hair! Also shirts with sweater vests are in! I love it!!!
Claire, 14, Boston, USA

It's all about dead straight hair for the girls,blonde higlights for the boys and drawing cherries on the top of our workbook pages!
Asha, 12, Barking

In my school it's flat slip on shoes ( in loads of different colours), short skirts,knee high socks and your hair has to have blond highlights.
Sophie, 11, Scotland

The biggest thing in my school is PSPs. Even though not many people have them yet, they are becoming more and more popular!
Adam, 14, Neath

In my school, black and white slipper shoes are trendy (even though we're not allowed to wear white shoes). Also tiny bags or big Jane Norman bags are "suitable" if you want to be a fashion follower, but I have to wear regular uniform because my mum doesn't approve of these latest trends!!!
Catherine, 12, Edinburgh

At my school everyone has Live Strong bracelets, and really short skirts are cool. Other than that we don't really have any big trends, and there are no boys to impress as I go to an all-girls school. I like it this way, that way everybody can fit in and not be labeled as un-cool.
Eleanor, 12, Tokyo

At my school black combats are really cool, and so are the black and white slipper shoes, and also dying your hair in really wacky colours, like bright red and blue!
Bex, 13, Livingston

Everyone has put some real weird badges on their bags! Some saying weird words!
Chilly, 12, Bangkok

I have just started 2nd school - it's so cool, all the girls in our school have to tuck their tops in so you can see their belt.
Lauren, 11, Peterborough

MP3 players seem to be the trend at my school, everyone has them!
Rudaina, 12, Belfast

At our school, there's a uniform, but considering all the girls wear knee socks and high heels. Also making very decorated notes to each other.
Laura, 13, London

In our school curly hair and flat shoes are the latest thing in for girls and really short and fat ties!!
Nayab, 13, London

In my school it's ties like most others, we all keep our ties really short even though we can't see them under our jumper, but the headteacher says we should keep then a little bit longer - we don't really listen. I mean, who does?
Heena, 12, Preston

Our school at the moment has a trend for black cardigans and their hair in a pony with a fringe on one side.
Sha, 12, Monmouth

In my class almost everyone has a tamagotchie. Scoubidous are still in fashion. Definitely.
Caitlin, 9, Nairn

Some of the girls in the year above me are making themselves look like the Britney Spears from 5 years ago by wearing short pleated skirts and knee high socks. Kinda odd!
Megan, 14, Watford

There probably are in my school, but I'm not observant enough to notice, or in the loop enough to be told.
Juliette, 14, Cardiff

Black gypsie skirts and dollie shoes are in fashion just now and have been for a while! Also braids in your hair is cool too!
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

The trend in our school is to wear the blazers inside out. Mad or what!?!
Kate, 13, Nottingham

Who can fit their stuff in the smallest bag is the trend at our school at the moment!
Maz, 13, London

We don't really have a trend in our school but the girls in my class seem to have gone crazy for bright coloured pens!
Halima, 15, Rochdale

My school is quite diverse so there really isn't a style and I think that's good.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

It's really cool at my school for the girls to have really curly hair. Loads of the girls use curling tongs.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

Well reallly tiny ties are what everyone is wearing in my school!
Alice, 12, Cambridge
V-neck navy sweaters are everywhere! I love them so I've brought three!
Laura, 11, Liverpool

My school is so big that we don't really all stick to type of fashion. Anyway our teachers are sooooo strict about uniform that you get a detention after school for just wearing a coat indoors!
Alice, 12, Cambridge

Pumps are well in fashion right now. Everyone is wearing them at my school!
Harriet, 12, London

My friends think its cool to wear skirts VERY short!
Caroline, 11, Ayr

The things kool at my school for girls are bodywarmers with the fur round the hood.
Dayna, 15, London

There are lots of cool hairstyles going round. There are also some nice shoes. Fat ties are in and pleated skirts are too!
Chaz, 13, Essex

Our school fashions are only really for the girls and they are kitten heel shoes and hairstyles of different types.
Steff, 13, Cheltenham

All the girls in my school are wearing knee-high socks for some reason!
Ben, 12, York

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