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Last Updated: Thursday November 03 2005 16:20 GMT

Album review: McFly Wonderland

Release date
Out now


Sixties harmonies, nineties Britpop, and less punkyness than before

How many good tracks

Most of the songs are really rather good! Out of 12, 10 are ace.

Top tracks

The singles I'll Be OK and All About You are stand outs, while Memory Lane is surprisingly grown-up.

Weakest track

The Ballad of Paul K and She Falls Asleep - the boys seem to be trying a bit too hard to make grown-up music, and fall a bit flat. But if trying too hard is their only crime, that's not bad!

Hit or miss

Hit - apart from the slightly Disney-film strings on some tracks, this is an ambitious and much more mature album. McFly have moved on, and Danny's guitar really rocks!

NR rating:

Have YOU heard this album?

This album is really great, it has great tunes, cool lyrics and they have definitely moved on from Room on the Third Floor. I hope they never change!
Azalia, 12, Croydon

I have bought the album and I think that is really good. I am a really big McFly fan and I am always going on about them. I think that one of the best songs on the album is I Wanna Hold You. It is sooo good!
Rena, 12, Gravesend

Brilliant! I don't think they have tried too hard at all, all their songs are more mature but still appeal to the younger audience. They sing their album live very well as well on their current tour.
Jo, 15, Bolton

It's a great album and it was great to hear Dougie singing on Too Close For Comfort.
Amber, 12, Portsmouth

This album is absolutely Brilliant!! McFly have matured so much- their music now is so much more grown up. My Favourite track from the album is Memory Lane.
Rachel, 15, Telford

This album is one of the best album's I have ever heard. I am always listening to it. I can't say a bad word about this album at all. My favourite songs are I Wanna Hold You and Too Close For Comfort.
Yasmin, 15, Surrey

A great album!! I love all the tracks, I think McFly have changed a lot since their first album, they have matured which has helped them create better music! 2 weeks til I see them live!
Kirsty, 15, Edinburgh

McFly's album is amazing!!! The Ballad of Paul K and She Falls Asleep are no miss! I went to their tour on Thursday and they were among the best, the orchestra in She Falls Asleep are ace and Tom sings it really well. The Ballad of Paul K is one of my favourite tracks off the album..
Amy, 14, Beford

I thinks this album totally rocks! All the tracks are really amazing. I just can't stop listening to Ultraviolet and The ballad of Paul K.I think they are totally awesome. I think the guys have achieved something they should be proud of. Radical!!! Well done!
Summer, 11, Sheffield

I'm always listening to this album. I love all the tracks, especially I Wanna Hold You, Too Close for Comfort and The Ballad of Paul K. I'd recommend this album. It's better than Room on the 3rd floor I think. A definite 5/5
Katy, 12, Scotland

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