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Last Updated: Monday February 14 2005 11:02 GMT

We should do more to save tigers

Tigers mainly live in India

Tigers are an endangered species with less than 7,000 left in the world today.

Here Kate tells us why she's worried about the future of her favourite big cats.

"Tigers are a big concern for me.

There aren't very many left in the wild and very soon they will all be extinct.

Poachers hunt them to get money for their skins. They don't even care about the animals.

Traditional medicine

People kill the innocent creatures for traditional Chinese medicines.

The tiger population is suffering at the hands of poachers
What they don't think about is that there are other ways to cure people who have illnesses.

They don't have to use products which come from tigers.

Beautiful creatures

They are beautiful creatures that really depend on the good actions of human beings to help them survive.

In years to come, think how disappointing it will be for our children if tigers no longer exist.

We all need to do more to help endangered species.

Hopefully, if everyone does something to help, tigers will be safe in the wild for future generations."

Kate, 13, USA

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