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Last Updated: Thursday February 10 2005 18:35 GMT

Your thoughts on the Brits 2005 winners

Franz Ferdinand are up for 5 awards
It's that time of year again when the British music world gets together and slaps itself on the back.

Robbie won the best song of the last 25 years, while Franz Ferdinand and the Scissor Sisters also did well.

Will Young's Your Game took best single ahead of Band Aid 20 and McFly took the pop prize.

But what do you think of this year's winners?

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Your comments

I personally don't feel that rock music was that well represented. The only decent band in the rock category is Muse. All the others sound the same to me. Bring back real music!
Zoe, 15, Plymouth

I'm really pleased Joss Stone won best British female solo artist. She's only 17!
Rebecca, 14, Essex

i'm very glad that robbie has won the award for the best song of the last 25 years
Emily, 12, Windsor

Yay Gwen Stefani won!!! Woohoo!!
Claire, 15, Hastings

I can't believe Natasha Bedingfield didn't win a award, she is the most talented singer ever! Green Day should've won as well, the 2005 Brit awards was not a good thing for me.
Sabeeta, 13, Bradford

I am sooooo happy that McFly won Best Pop Act... they have deserved it. They are the best band ever.... much better than Westlife..
Emma, 15, Aberdeen

I'm glad that Scissor Sisters won 3 awards - they rock.
Kim, 13, Walsall

I think Natasha Bedders should have taken best British female because her music is so different from everybody else's but I do also think it was quite good that Joss Stone won it. She's so young!!
Jenni, 11, Huntingdon

Green Day should've won instead of Scissor Sisters because they had 2 amazing singles n album. McFly deserved it but they still didn't beat Busted. YAY!
Fara, 13, Muscat

"I was really surprised that Will Young beat Band Aid 20 to best single. How did that happen?"
Ben, 11, Yorkshire

If Muse don't deserve Best Live Act then nobody does. They should win all the awards that they are nominated for.
Beth, 15, Wirral

I think McFly and Natasha Bedingfield with both win an award because they both are great singers and create good music!
Laurie, 14, Muirhead

I think Snow Patrol deserve a Brit simply because of Run. Jamie Cullum deserves best male. I'm looking forward to seeing some great bands perform!
Adam, 12, Newbury

Green Day to win the award they are up for. They have been around for so long and they really deserve it!
Ronald, 14, Colchester

I definitely think Keane should best album, it's wicked! I also think Franz Ferdinand should win an award.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

Scissor Sisters deserve to win, they had the best selling album of the year and it is brilliant.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

I hope Jamelia wins an award. her music is great and admire her for her charity work. Franz Ferdinand are just boring.
Jo, 14, Feltham

I really like McFly and I think they really deserve to win best pop act. They are definitely the most talented.
Melissa, 14, Nottingham

I hope the Scissor Sisters win best International Album. They've had some great songs out and they haven't even been on the music scene for long. I think they've done an amazing job.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I really hope McFly win an award, I know not everyone likes them but you have to respect them for playing their own instruments and not miming.
Raven, 13, Jersey

I hope Natasha Bedingfield and Jamelia both win something - they're great singers who write their own songs and aren't afraid to be individual!! I'm sure Franz Ferdinand and the Scissor Sisters will both get something, and I'd love Angels to win best song!
Julia, 14, Belfast

I'd really like Westlife to win the Best Pop award, but I'm not sure that they will. If they don't get it, I wouldn't mind McFly winning it. Franz Ferdinand are ok but I think they are too hyped and made out to be better than they are, but they will probably win at least one award. I also think that Jamelia deserves to win cos she's great!
Emma, 12, Ayrshire

OMG! Franz Ferdinand ALL of the way! They deserve it all and more!!
Elanor, 14, Loughborough

Muse deserve to win all of the awards they were nominated for but Franz Ferdinand are probably more likely to win them because they are more in the media than muse. Muse should win they rock!
Danielle, 14, Oxted

I think McFly really should win best pop act, they are soooo brilliant and as Busted are gone these are the second best to win it!! They've had a great year: a sell out tour, a no 1 album and loads of number 1 singles they have worked sooo hard! I hope there Sept 05 tour is brilliant cos I am going and I reckon it will be!
Sarah, 14, Chester

I think Franz Ferdinand will win something. They have 5 nominations so they have the best chance.
Abby, 12, Manchester

I hope Lemar wins. His song 'Justice' was a real hit. I think he should have won Fame Academy.
Laila, 15, Hampton

I think Will Young could win at least a Brit award, maybe like Best Male Solo Artist.
Annalinda, 13, London

I hope Jamelia wins an award - she's worked really hard and had some great singles out this year.
Jo, 12, Wrexham

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