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Last Updated: Tuesday February 08 2005 11:24 GMT

Scientists breed cute tame foxes

Tame foxes
Forget hounds - foxes could become man's newest best friend, as scientists have shown they can be tamed.

After 45 years of breeding, tame foxes that wag their tails, greet humans with excited barks and look cute have been born in Siberia.

The original foxes were all black, but the new critters have white patches, big floppy ears, and curly tails.

The new foxes are also more curious, better at understanding humans, and less frightened of new things.

The scientists bred about 45,000 foxes to get to the tame stage.

When breeding the animals, they only chose them on how well they responded to people.

But the physical changes came as well - making scientists think cuteness comes along with being tame.

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