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Last Updated: Monday February 07 2005 18:02 GMT

Quiz: Pancakes


Question 1

Pancake Day is traditionally a day of celebration before which Christian event?

A: Easter
B: Lent
C: Pentecost

Question 2

What is the proper name for Pancake Day?

A: Fat Tuesday
B: Shrove Tuesday
C: Brave Tuesday

Question 3

Pancakes were traditionally made on this day in order to use up which ingredients?

A: Eggs and fats
B: Lemon and sugar
C: Chocolate and orange

Question 4

When cooking pancakes, it is necessary to do what with them?

A: Throw them
B: Rip them
C: Toss them

Question 5

Different versions of pancakes are eaten around the world. What is the name of a Mexican pancake?

A: Tortilla
B: Tortellini
C: Tortoise

Question 6

As well as eating pancakes, what else is done to celebrate the day in some countries?

A: Carnival
B: Exchanging gifts
C: Sending cards

Question 7

What other traditional activity for Pancake Day began in 1445?

A: Pancake races
B: Pancake chases
C: Pancake faces

Question 8

How big was the world's biggest pancake, which was cooked in Rochdale in 1994?

A: 5 metres
B: 10 metres
C: 15 metres

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