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Last Updated: Monday February 07 2005 17:31 GMT

Plan to crack down on immigration

Back of a custom's officer

The Government has announced it is planning to crack down on some people who move to the UK.

There are lots of reasons why people from other countries want to come and live in the UK but not everyone agrees on the current rules.

The new plans are aimed at controlling the number of people who arrive in the UK both legally and illegally.

They include fines for employers for using illegal workers, English tests and looking at what skills you have.

The government also said it was really important that people came over from other countries to settle here, but that they had to look closely at who they will allow in.

There are plans to change the way asylum seekers - people who are looking to leave their home and move to the UK to feel safe - will be allowed to stay in Britain.

New asylum plans

In some cases, they will no longer be allowed to stay in the UK forever.

Instead they will be allowed to stay for five years, then their situation will be looked at again.

If it is safe for them to return to their country, they will.