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Last Updated: Wednesday September 14 2005 07:52 GMT

Free bus travel is a great idea

Press Packer Stephanie

Since 1 September 2005 bus travel in London has been free for all under-16s.

Press Packer Stephanie thinks that free bus travel is a fantastic idea. But she has one question - why are children in London the only ones to benefit?

"I think that allowing under-16s to travel free on London buses is a brilliant idea.

Environmentally friendly

This will encourage more children to use buses which will cut down on pollution from cars.

It will also save paper from printing all those bus tickets.

Everyone benefits
London buses

Also, using a bus is sometimes the only way children can get to school.

Making buses free means that every pupil in London can benefit from using public transport.


Most people who are reading this report are probably thinking: "That sounds great. There couldn't possibly be a downside to it, could there?"

Well, I think there is.

I want to ask one question - what happened to the rest of the country?

Forking out money

I live in Birmingham and every term my parents have to fork out a lot of money to buy me a bus pass for school.

Then it only lasts a few months.

It really is not fair.

Available everywhere

I think a leaf should be taken out of Ken Livingstone's book and free bus passes should be made available everywhere.

If children in London get free bus trips, then everyone should."

Stephanie, 12, Birmingham

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