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Last Updated: Wednesday February 09 2005 17:14 GMT

Kitten get together for charity song

Atomic Kitten decided to take a break last year but the girls have got together to release the charity single, Cradle, to help orphans in Africa.

Kitten Liz spoke to Rachel from NR Showbiz about her trip to Zambia and the future of the group.

The track's released on Monday 14 February.

Why did you decide to release Cradle as a charity record?

It's a song we released a while ago in Asia and it went got to number one which was fantastic and if you buy it all the money goes to World Vision charity to help orphans.

We know it's been successful already, and people do like it, and we always wanted to release it in the UK - so now we get to.

You and Jenny went to Zambia for the video. What was that like?
It was just the most amazing thing ever. It was absolutely fantastic. We went for five days but if felt like two weeks.

What did you do?
We went to a lot of centres ands hostels. It was totally emotional.

What is life like for the children you met?
It seems to me very lonely. There was a young girl that I met who just had me in tears every time I spoke to her. She was an orphan, she lost her parents to AIDS and she has a couple of brothers and sisters she doesn't see anymore because she was taken away so she could work for the family and earn money.

I just thought about if you lose your parents and then you can't see your family. I was just upset talking to her but she had a big smile on her face and was really happy because before World Vision came along she couldn't go to school and now she can go to school.

What was it like being in Zambia?
It was madness. Totally different from anywhere we've ever been. There was no electricity most of the time. You couldn't use your phone. Very, very different

What did you learn from the trip?
Definitely not to take people for granted. I cried about my little brother when I heard about that little girl, cause I'd just die if I couldn't see my little brother again. It's just the most awful thing I've ever heard."

When did you decided to release the single for the charity?
We weren't asked at first to do the song but then we realised that the best way we could raise money for the charity was to release a single and for all the proceeds to go towards World Vision.

Are solo careers for you and Jenny still on the cards?
Yes it is. I'm just in talks now with a couple of record companies. It's very exciting. I've got a lot of songs for my album already. It's so strange doing all the shows by myself but it's something different as well.

When can we expect your first single out?
In a couple of months and then an album.

What style of music is it?
It's still pop but it's something very new - I don't know what sort of category to put it in.

Are the Kittens back together?
We're back together for this charity single but we still don't know what's going on yet. We'll see in a couple of months.

What's it been like working with Natasha and Jenny again?
Brilliant. It was really nice in the studio and stuff. It's been really really sweet.

Which do you prefer, being in a group or being solo?
I love being in Atomic Kitten, but this is something new that I've never done, and I definitely want to do more of it."

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