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Last Updated: Wednesday September 14 2005 08:52 GMT

The Ashes: Your reaction to England's victory

England's Andrew Flintoff

England have won back the Ashes for the first time in 18 years after one of the most thrilling Test series ever.

A draw in the final match at The Oval sealed a 2-1 series win.

So what do you think of the Ashes? Is Freddie Flintoff your sporting hero now, and what did you think of the last Test?

And how did you follow the match on such a tense and testing last day?

E-mail and let us know your thoughts.

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Your comments

I'm glad we won but I didn't know the cup was that small! Anyway we played a good game this year.

James, 10, Newark

Nooooo! I'm Australian so I'm very disappointed. You had a good team - well done!

Hannah, 12, Reading

I was glued to the TV for the whole 2 months. It was thrilling stuff! I still can't believe the Ashes are ours!! Go England!!!

Tanzeem, 13, Romford

It is about time too!! We have the team and the spirit so I'm proud

Rachel, 13, Lincs.

I can't believe we won! We actually did it! Congratulations to the whole of the England team, but especially to Kevin Pietersen. He batted the most amazing innings. But how likely is it that we'll win again next time?

Viki, 14, Bristol

Have you noticed that whenever we win anything, we always go on about it for ages and then forget about it! Like rugby, we'll just forget about cricket soon enough until we win something else!

Sam, 12, Ipswich

I am not that happy that England won, but I am happy that Australia LOST!!!!!!

Harsha, 10, Reading

I can't believe it!!!!! It's totally amazing and they really do deserve it!!!

Annie, 12, Wilmslow

This is going 2 b da same as the rugby! The next game they play, and the rest after that will see England fail... Face up 2 da facts please! England are a one-hit wonder!

Claire, 13, Glasgow

What is all the major fuss about? It's just a cricket game!!

Harriet, 10, Manchester

I am happy they won. But I think in the end it will not seem like a big thing if people keep talking about it 24/7, you'll wear it out.

Alice, 12, Cambridge

Not the blimin' Cricket again, my mum and dad have had it on all weekend, drove me bonkers, I can't even see the big deal...gosh.

Gina, 12, Bristol

WHOO! Cricket's over! I can watch TV! My dad was drivin' me round the bend!

Lucy, 8, Southampton

So we won. We win other things and no-one even cares. I bet if we won a badminton competition or table tennis no-one would give it a second thought. All the talk is about the Cricket. And the ashes. For goodness sake Its made out of wooden ashes. It will be history by next week. Trust me.

Heather, 13, Nottingham

My reaction : Jumping up and down on the sofa!! Only joking, my mum would have killed me. I'm just really happy hoooooray!! Well done England!!

Julia, 13, Paris

Arrrrghhhh! I genuinely am pleased for England, but the media drive me up the wall! They act like England have conquered the world! And what about REAL news? Over half of the BBC lunchtime INTERNATIONAL news was about the cricket for crying out loud! This is not a touch of the green-eyed monster, but if Scotland or Wales or Ireland had done something like this there wouldn't be half as much coverage of it.

Sophie, 14, Fife

What can I say, forget the football! The real heroes are in the cricket.

Heather, 13, Preston

I really wanted Australia to win. I don't like when England win, they never seem to get over themselves.

Heather, 13, Edinburgh

I don't see what all the major fuss is all about. YES, we won but so WHAT???!!! Almost everything on the Newsround site has been on about the cricket for AGES!!! Even now the game's over, the media will be going on about it for about a month, maybe even more! EEK!

Heather, 14

We won! We won! Go England we knew you could do it! I've been told to shut up about it zillions of time, but hey, WE WON!

Mehreen, 11, Accrington

I really hope this encourages more girls to take up cricket. What an amazing victory!

Jenny, 15, Huddersfield

Well, what can i say? It is absolutely fantastic! Freddie has been sensational nearly all series, and for Pietersen and Giles to score all those runs under such pressure was truely fantastic.

Jess, 15, Bristol

I'm really happy we won. We deserved to win. WELL DONE ENGLAND.

Molly, 9, Wells

I'm really happy that England have won!!! And I think everyone played really well but Freddie deserved to man of the series - wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Asia, 12, Nottingham

I just want to say it's great that England won. Flintoff's a legendary player!

Dan, 12, Bedford

I am very pleased we won the Ashes series. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace, 11, Newcastle

I think that England really deserved to win and I watched the match all evening. I just knew they could do it.

David, 8, Leicester

My reaction to the Ashes is that it was so good that it made me enjoy cricket more than I had done before. Overall it was brilliant and I was so excited I told everyone on the street about it.

Jim, 10, London

I'm sooooooooooo happy England won, I knew they would.....Pieterson is well ace and Flintoff.....what can I say he's a legend!!!

Charlotte, 13, Preston


Rob, 15, Bournemouth

Wow! I'm so happy. I have been following it throughout the whole series and am so glad we won. I hope the teachers at school tomorrow aren't gonna expect me to not be hyper!

Nicky, 15, Manchester

Yes! We won. I can't believe it. Pietersen is a legend.

Chris, 12, Wirral

It's been brilliant all along and England were the true winners. Well done to the Aussies though!

Jo, 15, Derby

I can't believe we won! It's amazing! YAY!!!!!!!!!! First time in 18 years! Go England!!!

Immy, 12, Tunbridge Wells

My reaction? 1) cool, 2) finally, it's over!

Louise, 12, Surrey

OH NO!! Not another 50 years of misery for Scotland. All the English will talk about is their victory in the cricket and for us Scots it will get annoying. It will be 1966 all over again!!

David, 13, Edinburgh

One word: "magnificent"

Ana, 12, Leicester

I can't believe it. I've been dancing and singing all day hoping they would win. AND THEY HAVE!!!!!!!!

Jess, 12, Attleborough

I am thrilled that they won. I mean it's been over 18 years, since they have won. They should be proud of themselves, because I am. Go England!!

Nosheen, 12, Acrington

My dad said he knew we would win. He was right. WOW!!!!! Well Done!

Eden, 11, Newcastle

Yes, I think we can win the Ashes, but I think it will be a tough one. Never count the Aussies out.

Freddie, 9, London

England can totally win, they have the best team ever! GO ENGLAND

Rissa, 13, Sheffield

There is no shame in praying for rain or bad light. We would have the Ashes in the bag if it weren't for rain at Old Trafford. The Aussies will have been desperate for rain or bad light then.

Will, 11, Ilkley

I think it's unfair how if it rains then England win. It's like they're cheating. Australia have won the Ashes for the past 18 years and only way England can win it is by relying on the rain.

Gina, 12, Inverness

I think England are going to win it because their fielding has been first class in the whole series. Freddie Flintoff is an amazing all-rounder and will definitely lead us to victory, we also need luck with the weather

Euan, 13, Newbury

Come on England! Let's keep our spirits up, ignore all the down-spirited people and win!

Kay, 11, London

Come on England! Let's keep our spirits up, ignore all the down-spirited people and win!

Kay, 11, London

Relying on the rain does not mean that England are a good team, it just shows they can't win.

Cholene, 14, Co Durham

We have been let down by England in the first innings of the final test but I'm sure they'll make it.

Tom, 12, Maidstone

We will win the Ashes because it is unthinkable that a team with Freddie Flintoff in it isn't classed as the best in the world.

Frank, 14, Derbyshire

Yes I think they will win it and I hope they do because then I can wind up my friend in Australia about it!!

Tilly, 14, Surrey

You can't seriously think England have a chance of winning? Yes, we try but no, we're not able to win something as big as this!

Jamie, 13, Newcastle

I think Australia will win as we are the best, also, well done Warne! (I am from Australia by the way!)

Natalia, 12, Manchester

England are in a mess at the moment. We need to rely once again on the weather!

Alex, 14, St Albans

It could be close, but I think England will come through and win the ashes and embarrass Australia big style!!

Charlotte, 13, Preston

I think we have the team to win but we must not give it away at the last hurdle. Just hope for a draw - Rain, rain, rain: we must ALL hope for rain!

Rachel, 13, Lincoln

I don't think anyone can be sure either way at the moment. They have played really well but they seem to be letting things slip a little at this final stage.

Catherine, 15, Suffolk

Only if there is rain 24/7 until Tuesday.

Heather, 13, Nottingham

England have played well in the whole series - of course they are going to win.

Jack, 12, Taunton