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Last Updated: Friday September 09 2005 12:51 GMT

I never get board of diving


Press Packer Tom is one of the UK's top divers.

In his report he gives the low-down on high diving.

"I've always loved water sports.

I started swimming when I was four but after a while I got bored and when I was eight I decided to try diving which looked a bit more fun.

No disrespect to swimmers, but swimming's a bit boring - you just go up and down, up and down.

Second place

With diving you can do lots of somersaults and twists.

It's not just jumping off a board.

It's a great way to meet friends and stay fit and travel when you compete in different competitions.

Deep pool

In April, I came second in the International Youth competition in Germany for my age category.

I had butterflies but I was really proud of myself.

You don't need a lot of equipment for diving.

You don't wear goggles. You just need your trunks and a deep pool.

Tom in action!
Tom in action!
The first time I jumped off the 10 metre dive board I was really nervous.

I was grabbing on to the hand rail and my stomach was gurgling!

But when I did it I was really proud of myself.


I have a few belly flop stories.

On my second dive on the 10 metre I hit the board and went on to my back a little bit.

I've got a few bruises but it's worth it.

Best sports

My advice to someone's who's never tried it is that it's a great sport.

It's fun to do, and it's fun to watch as well.

And in my opinion it's one of the best sports in the world."

Tom, 11, Plymouth

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