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Last Updated: Thursday September 08 2005 16:01 GMT

Worksheet: Hurricane kids return to school

Rescue boats are still checking every house for survivors
Thousands of kids evacuated from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina struck have found new schools to go to as they try to get back to normal life.

Many of the children lost their homes and even family members in the hurricane. Around 10,000 kids were sent to Texas to live in temporary homes.

They don't know how long they'll be living there, but schools are doing all they can to make the kids feel welcome.

Meanwhile, a massive clean-up operation is underway in neighbouring Louisiana.

Fireman tries to put out a blaze in New Orleans

The mayor of the badly-affected city of New Orleans has ordered everyone not involved with the rescue operation to be forcibly removed.

City officials say the floodwater has been contaminated with raw sewage, dead bodies, fuel and chemicals, and it's not safe for people to stay there.

Engineers have been pumping water out of the city, but some experts say this could take up to 80 days.

Around 60% of the city is still underwater.


1. How many children from the US state of Louisiana have gone to live in Texas because of Hurricane Katrina?

2. What kind of accommodation are they living in?

3. How long will they be there?

4. Name some of the things children have lost in the storm?

5. Why has the mayor of New Orleans ordered people to be forcibly removed?

6. Who is allowed to remain in New Orleans?

7. How much of New Orleans is still underwater?

8. How long do some experts say it will take to clear the city of water?

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