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Last Updated: Monday January 31 2005 17:00 GMT

Road tunnel will help save otters

The tunnel will help save otters
Crossing the road is about to get much easier for a group of otters in Cornwall, thanks to a new tunnel.

The otters live near a very busy road and phone company BT have agreed to pay 20,000 to put in the tunnel.

BT own a huge satellite station in Cornwall and the otters have to cross a road near it to get from their home to a lake where they like to fish.

Recently a mum and two of her cubs were killed on the road, prompting the company to begin building the tunnel.

BT has joined forces with the Environment Agency and English Nature to build the otter-saving tunnel.

The Environment Agency are trying to help the number of otters living in the area increase, so are pleased the tunnel is being built.

They said otters were finding it very difficult to get across the road and added that the long-term future of the animals looks better now.

Work will start next month and will take two weeks to complete.

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