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Last Updated: Thursday February 03 2005 19:09 GMT

Have wristbands been banned at your school?

A school in County Durham has banned wristbands because they count as jewellery, which is against the school's uniform rules.

Wristbands supporting different campaigns have proved a massive success, with the Beat Bullying ones in such high demand they are even being auctioned on the internet.

So has YOUR school banned wearing them?

If so, is it because they are considered a fashion accessory, as several bands are being worn at once to be trendy?

What about for those pupils who want to make a political statement and support a good cause?

And do you think it is bad news for beating the bullies?

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Your comments

My school is trying to promote the bands and the teachers wear them too. They are planning to buy some and sell them at school to raise money which I think is a good idea because it will help raise awareness.
Lucy, 14, Peterborough

I think people who use the wristbands as a fashion accessory are really wrong to do that because they are supposed to help stop bullying but instead they are getting banned because so many people are doing that.
Ryan, 12, Airdrie

I think that the bands shouldn't be banned because they are showing support to all the problems in the world.
Stuart, 11, Pitmedden

Our school hasn't banned them YET and hopefully won't soon. I think that they respect our decision to wear them.
Chantal, 13, Northolt

i got a beat the bully wrist band and im got one because i was bullied so i know what it like to be bullied if they ban the wrist band why don't they make badges because people can see them then
Annemarie, 13, Ystrad

I think that the wristbands are a great idea and if they ban them at school how do we show our support to the charity? They haven't been banned at my school but they probably will ban them as they are considered a fashion accessory.
Clare, 13, Watford

Our school has banned them but people still wear them! There is no point even having them if we are told off for what believe.
Haila, 13, Guildford

I think don't think wristbands should be band cause they're there to show what you believe in like the anti-bulling cause, you believe that bulling isn't right.
Justine, 11, Liscard

In my school a lot of the teachers wear them as well.
Rob, 11, Peterborough

If teachers say that bullying has to stop, when we wear wristbands to say that we think they're right, they tell you off for wearing it.
Grace, 11, Penge

We haven't had them banned officially but my teacher stopped a girl in my class wearing one so I think they will be banned soon. I really support charities like Macmillan Cancer and the "LIVESTRONG" bands have been issued by Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist who has survived brain cancer. I think that they're a really good idea.
Alo, 11, Wetherby

Our school has banned from wearing the bands because they are included as jewellery. We should be allowed to were them - it's to show our support not a fashion item.
Sarah, 13, Billericay

Schools should just limit the number of bands worn. Maybe people can take it in turns to wear a different band every day as a compromise. Silencing pupils completely, even at all, is just WRONG!
Maeve, 12, Lurgan

Why do schools want to ban the bands??? Schools are obsessed by taking everything away from us aren't they... luckily my school hasn't banned them yet.
Jessica, 12, Buxton

I don't think they should be banned, but I definitely think that wearing the wristbands for fashion is wrong. Nearly everyone in my class has one now and half of them don't even know what the bands signify.
Megan, 13, Hampton

I think it's terrible that these bands have been banned! Only a small number of irresponsible people are using the bands as a fashion accessory, but the rest of us are wearing the band for the good of other people!
Nikki, 13, Newcastle-under-Lyme

I think it is disgusting that schools won't let pupils support charities - it's appalling.
Ruth, 14, Dorset

They are stopping this for safety reasons. Why? What about the wristbands is unsafe?
Kitty, 12, Cambridge

No of course not! Everyone wears them, and since my school's not stupid they let us wear them! It may also make bullies at that school think that the teachers are tolerating it.
Amanda, 15, Sheffield

Its' just a trend. I wish schools wouldn't interfere with everything. It's not their life, it's the kids, so the kids should make their own decisions. And then they moan about how kids don't do well in school. This is because schools are just far too strict. I just don't see what the fuss is about jewellery. It's not a weapon or anything. Pencils are more dangerous than jewellery. I hate it when schools think they're 'doing what's best for the children' when really it's the exact opposite.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

The wristbands are for a good cause, I think schools should be promoting them, not banning them.
Hussain, 14, Dartford

Bullying wristbands have been banned in my school too. That's just wrong. It's a good way to fight back against bullies.
Louise, 13, Newcastle

I wear my bullying wristband to school every day! Several teachers have asked me to take it off, but if you explain that it supports a charity and is against bullying they are allowed. Pupils constantly wear charity badges so why would the wristbands be banned? They are NOT a fashion accessory!
Vicky, 14, Antrim

I've been asked to take mine off plenty of times. Schools want to stop bullying so why won't they let us help them?
Jess, 14, Stroud

That's unbelievable. What sort of message is the school giving out - not to stand and fight for what you believe in?!
Sarah, 15, Oxfordshire

It's not about what the bullying bands look like it's what they represent. Even teachers in our school wear them.
Toni, 13, County Durham

Our school's quite small and about five of us in my class have one so they haven't been banned... yet!
Eden, 11, Newcastle

I think that wristbands should not be banned at any school. By wearing the bands you are showing that you feel strongly about something, and if lots of people wear them, it shows that we are all united. There is nothing wrong with them, in fact they have a purpose.
Deepti, 14, Nuneaton

The bands are giving out good and strong messages and I don't see the point in banning them.
Rachel, 15, Hitchin

I think that they shouldn't ban the anti-bullying bands in County Durham because they symbolize that people shouldn't bully...
Sam, 14, Woodingdean

The teachers are confiscating them at my school! As a human right we all have the right to an opinion so how come we can't share our beliefs by supporting charities?
Emma, 14, Bexley

My brother was wearing his beat bullying band to school but his teacher told him to take it off because it was a form of jewellery. I think this is silly because it supports a good cause!
Sophie, 11, Huddersfield

They are not even jewellery, they are rubber with good messages on! If you ban them, then bullying at that school will carry on!
Kirstie, 11, Hastings

Our school have not banned them. Why should they? It's all for a good cause and you would think the school would be in favour since it helps charities!
Michelle, 14, Huddersfield

My school have not yet banned then but they probably will. I think people wearing them shows their support.
Rosie, 13, Peacehaven

I think the bands give a message bullying and racism is not accepted. It is stupid that the school is banning them!
Sairah, 12, Chester

If the school has banned them that just means they either think it's jewellery or they think that beating bullying is just a piece of garbage and it's never going to work, if so I think that is outrageous!
Greg, 11, Warrington

This is rubbish - they are for charity.
Chloe, 12, White Haven

My school hasn't banned them and lots of people wear them. I think they are a good idea.
Rachel, 13, West Sussex

I don't see why they should be banned. I don't see anything wrong but if you wear too many it can look bad.
Dean, 11, Thornaby

I think these bring more attention to bully victims who wear them. Most of my friends only bought them 'cos they look cool.
Brody, 14, Blackpool

I don't think that they are stupid, they represent something important, and the wristband does not look like jewellery.
Nosheen, 12, London

My school hasn't banned them and I don't think they should be banned at all because people wear them to show they support a good cause.
Vicky, 13, Oxfordshire

No I think it's wrong to ban something that is a good way of keeping bullying down. I mean they want it to end yet they stop the wristbands.
Charlotte, 13, London

I think banning wristbands is absolutely unnecessary. Don't schools want their students to support good causes?! I think we know the answer!
Rhiannon, 12, Reading

These wristbands have not been banned at my school. Some people want them to be, but there not.
Ashante, 11, Goose Creek

I think these wristbands are an excellent idea and shouldn't be banned. It's our way of getting these important messages across!
Cherith, 14, Leicester

I think the bands are good and also getting famous people to do the advert was good because I think kids take more notice of famous people than normal people.
Paige, 11, Huddersfield

Fair enough, rules are rules and people shouldn't be encouraged to wear jewellery against school rules. But I can't see that these bands are jewellery and I can't see why making a statement about something you care about in a subtle way should be discouraged. It's only freedom of speech but in a different format.
Katherine, 14, Oxford

I do not think that they should be banned because they support good causes.
Samantha, 13, Kirkby

I think wristbands r ok as long as u don't have loads on.
Holly, 13, Chichester

I think the ban is pretty ridiculous since it ruins the point of them. They are messages, not jewellery!
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

My school have banned them for health and safety reasons but I do not see what is wrong with them. How are we going to get the message across if we are being stopped by the school?
Ione, 11

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