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Last Updated: Tuesday September 06 2005 13:45 GMT

Quiz: Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff

Question 1

Where was Andrew Flintoff born?

A: Stoke
B: Skipton
C: Preston

Question 2

Why has he been given the nickname Freddie?

A: He apparently resembles cartoon character Fred Flintstone
B: It's his middle name
C: It's his dog's name

Question 3

When was he born?

A: 6 December 1977
B: 9 August 1978
C: 10 September 1979

Question 4

Who did he play against in his Test debut for England?

A: Australia
B: South Africa
C: Pakistan

Question 5

When did he make his Test debut for England?

A: July 1998
B: August 1999
C: June 2000

Question 6

Which county did he first play for?

A: Yorkshire
B: Lancashire
C: Essex

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