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Last Updated: Thursday February 03 2005 16:46 GMT

I learn Spanish by dancing

Fraser's school has installed a dance machine like they have in arcades.

But unlike normal ones, it helps kids learn Spanish.

"I've been learning Spanish for three or four years now and I love it. But it's even better now we have a dance mat, like you get in arcades, in the classroom.

You listen to music while a man on a whiteboard tells you where to move your feet in Spanish. The places where you put your feet are labelled with different Spanish words on the screen, like words for colours or animals.

Fun learning

It's a really good idea and it makes it much more fun than learning from a book, which I do more in French lessons.

I've learned so many things in Spanish and it's a great language. My name means 'strawberry-picker'.

I also know the Spanish word for 'dog' is 'perro'. I've got a dog called Duncan and he acts like a doughnut - he's really lazy.

Fraser busts some Spanish moves
Fraser busts some Spanish moves
I like dancing and learning Spanish so much that I go to an extra club some lunchtimes. We also play computer games which help with learning more words and numbers.

Speaking to the locals

My family haven't been to Spain yet but I'm looking forward to going one day and speaking to loads of people there.

It would be really good to go into a restaurant and order some food - maybe a pizza or some strawberries!

I've been trying to teach my parents some Spanish but they are rubbish. They can be a bit slower than me.


We are really lucky to have the dance mat at school and I think more kids should be able to have a go. Outside school I play the drums, so that helps me keep up with the rhythm you need.

The teachers have a go on the dance mat, but they don't get scores as high as we do. At least they try!

It's good here, because I'm getting better at dancing and Spanish at the same time."

Fraser, 10, Norfolk

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