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Last Updated: Monday January 31 2005 10:56 GMT

Worksheet: Scenarios

Red Nose Day 05
Scenario 1. You left school promptly because you had to go to the shops on your way home. You are now on a bus that passes the school gates. As you pass the school, you see your friend standing on the pavement outside, surrounded by a well-known gang of bullies who seem to be threatening him/her. What do you do?

Scenario 2. You go shopping with your friend. Suddenly you notice that s/he is slipping an item under his/her jacket and is preparing to leave the shop without paying for it. What do you do?

Scenario 3. You discover that someone else is seeing your friend's girl/boyfriend. You're pretty certain your friend doesn't know about this because she/he has just been telling you about their next date together. What do you do?

Scenario 4. Your best friend's family doesn't have much money and often his/her mum can't give him/her anything for lunch. You don't have much either but you do usually have some food or money to buy something with. What do you do when it comes to lunchtime?

Scenario 5. A new pupil joins your class. S/he is shy and doesn't have the right uniform. Some of your classmates take the opportunity to taunt her/him at break time. S/he is obviously scared and tries to get away from them. What do you do?

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