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Last Updated: Thursday January 27 2005 16:56 GMT

Crazy Frog creator comes clean

The Crazy Frog on Erik Wernquist's site
It's funny at first, then becomes the most annoying thing ever, and it seems to be on TV all the time.

What is it? The Crazy Frog ring tone, which hundreds of thousands of people have been downloading onto their phones for the past few months.

Even though he's responsible for lots of people losing their tempers, Daniel Malmedahl, who came up with the sound, is quite proud of the monster he's created.

"When we recorded it, we found it very, very funny. We laughed until we got tears," Daniel remembers.

He came up with the sound in 1997, as an imitation of his friends' moped engines.

Daniel Malmedahl
Daniel Malmedahl, the Frog's inventor
After it was put on the web, Daniel's "talent" was discovered and he was invited to appear on Swedish TV.

The sound spread around the web, the familiar frog was added, drawn by his friend Erik Wernquist, and the whole thing was re-named The Annoying Thing.

In 2004 ringtone company Jamster contacted Erik and Daniel for permission to sell it for phones, and it really took off.

He's made a bit of cash from the frog, but is he going to say sorry to the people he's driven bonkers with his creation?

"Well I don't know if I can apologise... Many people find it funny and appreciate it. But you know I have no influence of the broadcasting of commercials, that's out of my hands."

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