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Last Updated: Friday January 28 2005 08:21 GMT

I checked out this year's new toys!

Victoria road tests a bubble making machine
Victoria won our London Toy Fair competition and got to check out this year's latest toys before they hit the shops.

Here she tells us which toys she thinks will fly off the shelves and why she ended the day eating oven baked bugs!

"When my mum told me that I'd won the competition I was speechless. It felt really good to get a sneak preview of all the toys. It's cool knowing that no one else in my school has seen them.

Top toys

I think one of the best toys that I saw was the Robosapien V2 robot. It was amazing - it could pick things up and throw them!

I also really liked the jewellery design kit. You can design your own bracelets using cool jewel covered beads. I think it will be really popular when it comes out in the shops.

Biting into bugs!

Brave Victoria munches on an oven baked worm!
Brave Victoria munches on an oven baked worm!
The weirdest new game that I saw was called Survivor Party. It includes oven baked worms, crickets and giant toasted ants! It tests you and your friends to see how brave you really are.

It was really disgusting but I managed to eat one of the oven baked worms! My mum tried to eat a toasted ant but chose a worm in the end because the ants just looked too horrid!

It was certainly the oddest game that I saw. I think it's the sort of game that everyone would love to play. You would definitely have a good laugh over all the disgusting bugs and it would be brilliant fun at parties.

Olympic surprise

Apart from the toys, the best bit of the day was probably meeting the Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell. It was amazing.

He was trying out some fitness toys like skipping ropes. Although he did say that he thought rowing was a lot easier than skipping!

I had my photo taken with him and he was really friendly. It was so weird seeing him because I've seen him so much on the telly. I can't believe I met an Olympic medallist!

I had a brilliant day at the toy fair. It was as wonderful as I expected it to be and I can't wait to see all the toys in the shops!"

Victoria, 10, Bloxham

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